Healthcare and lifesciences unlocking virtual dimensions

Healthcare and life sciences companies have utilized digital technologies to achieve operational efficiency and reduce costs. The challenge now is to use this digital foundation to extend the care benefits to the entire society. Healthcare and life sciences organizations should utilize digital to create an ecosystem that ensures the benefits penetrate deeper into society by breaking the barriers that keep certain sections of society away from care.

Our latest report, Unlocking the Virtual Dimensions for healthcare and life sciences, highlights the role technologies like virtualization, human augmentation, and edge can play in enabling healthcare organizations to widen the care perimeter and provide patient-centric care to every individual.

Watch Mary Sirois, Global Portfolio Leader, Healthcare and member of Atos Scientific Community, share key trends of our new report


Atos Healthcare/Life Sciences Digital Insights

Atos HLS digital solutions help organizations clarify business objectives while pursuing safer, more effective processes to manage costs and engagement across the care continuum. Our leadership team, consultants, project and program managers bring years of practical and operational HLS experience to each engagement. We support a full spectrum of solutions across the healthcare and life science enterprise including cloud, analytics, cybersecurity, AI, revenue cycle management (RCM), EHR, virtual care, telehealth, patient engagement, digital workplace, digital twin, and IoT.

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Journey 2026

Journey 2026 – Unlocking virtual dimensions considers the potential of new virtual ways to relate, conduct business and even exist. It will challenge business leaders to pursue virtual opportunities, and to understand and manage very real societal, ethical and economic risks that accompany the potential rewards.

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Mary Sirois

Vice President, Integrated Solutions Delivery, Value-Based Care and Population health and member of the Scientific Community

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Natalia Jiménez Lozano

Director, Atos HPC, AI & Quantum Life Sciences CoE, Distinguished Expert

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