Working together to transform healthcare and life sciences

Partners and alliances in HLS

Achieving better clinical, operational and financial outcomes together

In healthcare and life sciences, Atos brings a partner ecosystem that helps accelerate delivery of world-class services for organizations, working with each client to understand their individual needs. Our partners in the industry provide cutting edge technology, which when combined with our extensive expertise and knowledge of the market, we enable our clients to accelerate the transformation of healthcare and life sciences away from patient treatment to population wellness, both within and increasingly outside of hospital or laboratory settings.

Leveraging the abilities of the industry leaders allows us to concentrate on adding real value to our customers, patients and clinicians. Through investing heavily in R&D and intelligent integration of our partners solutions and services, we ensure that our customers receive the best of both worlds: partners that you can trust, underpinned and complemented by our key strengths, to deliver you business value.