Smart Defense

Enhance sensing, processing and connecting capabilities for defense platforms

Defense Electronics

Enhance your platform performance for operational readiness and superiority

Field data

Advanced situational awareness:

Data-oriented and empowered with edge computing, big data and AI

Embedded end-to-end systems:

Built to meet the needs of Air-Land-Sea critical environments

Cybersecure by design:

Ensure onboard data sovereignty

Supporting forces providing them with operational superiority

In a complex theater of operations, end users need solutions that provide quick and accurate situational awareness.

Systems and platforms need computing power and cybersecurity capabilities. These technologies become one with electronics, enabling data accuracy, security and sovereignty, accelerating information processing and reducing operator workload.

Atos defense electronics centralizes technological expertise in computing power, cybersecurity and embedded solutions to provide operators with end-to-end, reliable, mission-proof solutions and superiority in sensing, processing and connectivity.

Defense electronics for sensing

Embed Atos defense electronics solutions in your Air-Land-Sea critical platforms:

  • Capture raw signals for real-time tactical situational awareness and intelligence,
  • Provide operators with situational awareness and decision support from sourcing to characterization.

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Defense electronics for data processing

With 30 years of experience in embedded defense systems and civilian technology mastery, Atos designs ruggedized and secure solutions for onboard critical data processing:

  • Cyber-secure by design,
  • Embedded computing,
  • Secure two-way communication,
  • Critical data encryption.

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Defense electronics for communicating

Rely on Atos defense electronics for communicating for your data and communication exchanges between all platforms in the field:

  • Bespoke private LTE solutions,
  • High bandwidth for operations,
  • Ensure resilient communications for critical missions and operational theaters, from radio to applications.

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Customizing defense electronics

With our experience in modular end-to-end systems, we design, develop and integrate modular end-to-end systems to meet specific requirements in ruggedized civilian or military platforms. We ensure compliance with defense sector availability, integrity and sovereignty standards.

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Client Story

Dassault Aviation Rafale F4 secure gateway

Dassault Aviation relies on Atos to support the integration of its Rafale aircraft into the European Future Combat Air Systems (FCAS) program. As part of this project, Atos is developing a new generation of the aircraft’s multi-level gateway to secure connectivity and two-way data exchange between the various onboard communication networks.

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Atos multi-level secure gateway

Built to meet collaborative combat requirements, the Atos onboard multi-level secure gateway allows two-way communications between networks at heterogeneous classification levels.

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Lifelink critical communications solution

Communications are critical. Forces cannot rely on legacy networks for video, data, connecting drones, robots or sensors. So, how do you ensure security and resilience for today’s critical communications?

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