Air – Land – Sea Electronics

Electronic reconnaissance solutions to support missions on board aircraft, ships and land

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Ensuring safe and efficient operation

Atos delivers products and solutions to secure intelligence for digital transformation, with extreme trust for our customers. As a system integrator we ensure mission in critical environments by preserving human life, the availability of systems and ensuring the mission in the field of Marine, Aero & Defense and Land by offering turnkey equipment designer and manufacturer as well as off-the-shelf product manufacturer.

Atos systems enable fast and relevant decisions. Every day, Atos end-to-end solutions provides:

  • Measure data with high precision using embedded sensors systems
  • Transmit relevant information to control systems in real time
  • Operate with control system and launch actions and alerts
  • Test equipment end-to-end and simulate critical situations
  • Services to help customer to develop own solutions.

Embedded Rugged and Secured computing

We deliver mission-critical rugged embedded platform for Air-Land & Sea when failure is not an option.

Secured box computers, rugged COTS systems, boards, real-time software, test equipment, software engineering and other computing technologies embedded in air – land – sea defense systems. Our high added value product range benefits from a long service life cycle.

Long Life Service > 20 years.

Atos Air-Land-Sea electronics provides you the highest level of services and support, from avionics’ specification to the maintaining of systems, including design, development, certifications and integration. To ensure the efficiency of our Mission critical systems, we develop testing for simulation of global environment and validations of capacities.

Air – Land – Sea electronics

Discover our range of air land sea electronics:

  • Secured computing
  • Multi-level gateway
  • Network Communication (Mobile multifunction platform, mechanical multifunctional calculators)
  • Onboard Recorder for Data, Audio & Video
  • Single Boards (Digital Tactical Bus)
  • Instrumentation and Telemetry.

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