SAP HANA Fast Lane by Atos

Migration as the first step. Easy start.

Fast Foward to the Future

We use SAP HANA Fast Lane to construct the most state-of-the-art and widest highway for your data. The demands placed on your IT department are minimal: We handle the migration to SAP HANA, test the environment, host and maintain the servers and optimise your business processes. All you have to do is dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

This is how we together divide the migration to SAP S/4HANA into bite-sized chunks. This gives you scope to gather speed now and to shift gears gradually along the way based on the latest insights. A controlled migration, hosting and maintenance and gradual and controllable improvement of your processes. That’s the Fast Lane to the Future!

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This is the first step towards your S/4 HANA adventure. Please be aware that this is an estimation and not an offer (our experts are ready to help you with that!)

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The advantages of SAP HANA Fast Lane by Atos


Thick recommendation reports and PoCs aren’t our thing. We’re making the migration to SAP S/4HANA as easy as possible, possible on your IT team and the business. This means you’ll have a smooth journey to the future. You benefit from the following advantages:

1. Migration to SAP HANA is finished within 8 to 16 weeks
2. Fully managed service: no worries about management, back-ups and maintenance
3. Pay per use: only pay for what you use
4. Private cloud: your data is and remains your data
5. Hosting on the best SAP-certified servers (Bullions) by Atos
6. You only have to carry out the final check, we take care of the testing
7. Complete flexibility: scale up or down whenever you like
8. Only data-integration tools are used that Gartner has designated as a Leader

Inspired? Contact our experts!

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Justin Weijkamp

‘A rushed migration process in 2025 or start reaping the benefits today? The choice is yours.’

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Bart in 't Veld

‘Talk doesn’t get the job done. If you sign tomorrow, we’ll get to work next week.’

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Joris Willekens

‘With SAP HANA Fast Lane, you don’t have to run Proof of Value; you run value straightaway.’

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