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With the need for new and innovative solutions, Atos provides a program for talented teams to reinvent and challenge business as usual. This program, The Leading Edge, starts disruption on a small scale and creates shockwaves that will support your future business!

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Building high performance teams to drive your future business

The Leading Edge is founded with one ambition: nurturing innovation that enables your organization to thrive in the digital age! We kick-off new startups based on future market trends and new technology. The startups go through an extensive ‘design, test, build’ cycle to ensure feasibility and value add for our clients.


Global knowledge combined with local entrepreneurship

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Startups operating independently to boost innovation

Industry 4.0 exploration


The Leading Edge program will be the startup factory to deploy new innovations

The Startups

The Leading Edge initiative started in March and since than several startups are added to the program. Currently, three startups are active and on a regular basis, new initiatives are added to the program. Keep an eye on this page to stay up to date!

Atos Low Coding

With the use of Low-code platforms we can develop applications rapidly and with minimal hard-coding. Combined with integration and connection of back-end systems and cloud services, this can be your gateway to rapid Digital Transformation. We collaborate with Outsystems to Develop, Maintain and Update your Business applications.

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We revolutionized the way a transition from SAP to SAP 4 HANA is handled and simplified the approach. With a rapid and agile approach, we can make your SAP landscape future proof!

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Augmented Interactive Reality (AIR)

AIR allows customizable augmented reality solutions, by using scalable and repeatable modules selected for client use cases.

AIR consists of Google Cloud where all computation takes place and an application for any applicable AR device (HoloLens, Tablet, Smartphone, AR goggles, etc).

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