Digital Workplace for Manufacturing

Smart working for modern manufacturing

Technology is driving huge changes in manufacturing, but employees still determine performance, customer satisfaction, and success. Your people are your business even in the age of Industry 4.0, and keeping everyone connected and engaged across multiple sites and functions is what drives innovation, quality, and productivity.

Companies that have a more engaged workforce have a 2.7x higher operating margin.1

A smart digital workplace creates more engaged employees and enables manufacturers to:

  • increase collaboration to boost innovation and ease change management
  • optimize factory-floor and on-site quality and performance
  • deliver targeted, tailored training and assessments
  • enable consistent and excellent customer experiences and engagements
  • identify and prevent potential issues at every stage of production and delivery.

Atos delivers proven industrial-scale digital workplace solutions that enable collaboration, innovation, and performance across IT/OT environments, to help modern manufacturers empower their employees and respond to the evolving demands of Industry 4.0.

Repeated studies over the past 10 years have shown that the business performance of organizations in the highest quartile of employee engagement scores outpaces that of competitors. High employee engagement correlates with higher average revenue growth, net profit margin, customer satisfaction, and earnings per share.

Source: Gartner 2019

Learn how Atos’ Augmented Interactive Reality (AIR) platform is helping to optimize processes, reduce waste, and increase quality for two of our manufacturing clients.

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Tailored workplace solutions for diverse manufacturing needs

60% percent of manufacturers will have empowered shop-floor workers with augmented reality and virtual reality, intelligent apps, and robots by 2021, thus achieving productivity gains of up to 7% and more attractive work environments.2

IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Manufacturing Predictions, 2019

From back office to smart factory, on-site to multi-site, modern manufacturers need to support a wide variety of roles, functions, and dependencies, and no ‘workplace’ is the same. Atos Digital Workplace combines innovation and automation with persona mapping and IT/OT process optimization to deliver tailored, targeted solutions that deliver business value.

Some examples of business value include:

  • enhanced on-the-job training, testing, and development using AR/VR
  • real-time factory-line productivity improvement with data visualization and IoT technologies
  • improved workforce safety and accelerated quality checking with industrial wearables, better data sharing, and process optimization
  • remote customer services, with analytics and AI embedded into advanced unified communications platforms for anytime, anywhere, or remote advisory services and support
  • critical business alarm systems that automate alerts and the distribution of information to aid and facilitate a fast and effective crisis response
  • increased productivity and enhanced communication with employee portals, mobile apps, automated helpdesk, IT device connectivity, security, and easy set-up for remote workers or locations.

1. “The ROI of CX Transformation: The Business Case Report in the CX Transformation Playbook”, Forrester, August 2019.
2. “IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Manufacturing Predictions”, 2019

Atos Digital Workplace Services for Manufacturing

Frictionless workplaces for smart factories

Atos Managed Digital Workplace Services deliver end-to-end workspace transformation, meaning customers can focus on building their core business and smart factory operations, knowing their employees are fully connected and supported.

  • #2 Manufacturing Service Provider
  • 38 languages supported
  • 11,000 digital workplace operations staff
  • 45 million user tickets resolved
  • 4.3 million user devices managed

Portfolio solutions – Enhance your employee experience

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Smart working for modern manufacturers

Digital workplaces for resilient, sustainable manufacturing in an age of accelerated change and innovation.

Manufacturers stand at the edge of an exciting evolution which promises more intelligent, adaptive, and sustainable operations built around meeting customer demand and environmental responsibilities.

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Gartner Leader Magic Quadrant for Workplace Services Europe and North America, 2021

Nelson Hall Leader in Advanced Digital Workplace Services, 2021

Forrester Leader Workplace Services, Global, Europe and North America, 2018

Everest Group Leader Workplace, Global, 2017

Workplace as a Service

Google Edition for Manufacturing

The ease and familiarity of Google services supports the digital journey of shop-to-top-floor employees whatever their technical skills and expertise.

More about Google Workplace-as-a-Service Edition

Atos Smart Manufacturing Studio

Insight and Inspiration for your Smart Factory Plan

Accelerate your smart manufacturing initiatives in this complimentary* tailor-made 90-minute virtual studio.

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