Why is it worth joining us?

Application Process

Visit jobs.atos.net – there you will find all our job offers. After completing the form, you will receive an e-mail notification confirming the application.

Our HR specialists check the matching of your skills to the requirements of the position for which the application was submitted. If your CV meets our expectations – see you at the next stage of recruitment. If not – we will check your matching to other job offers. Regardless of the decision, we will inform you about the result.

This is a chance for us to get to know each other better. The number and types of interviews you will have depends on the position and team you are applying to. Your time is valuable to us, so we make every effort to ensure that this stage is as short as possible. We will let you know how you did!


Recruitment process

What does the recruitment process look like? How does it work during the pandemic?

You can apply through the website jobs.atos.net. The next step is the review of resumes by specialists from the recruitment team. After this analysis, the recruiter contacts the selected candidates by phone to conduct a short telephone interview (about 15 minutes) about work experience and verify foreign language skills. He then passes the collected information to the hiring manager, who decides on an online recruitment meeting. The interview with the manager lasts about an hour and includes verification of the candidate’s hard and soft competencies. At the end, feedback is provided.

What do job interviews look like at Atos? Is it an examination of knowledge, or is it more of a test of soft skills?

An interview with a manager includes verification of the candidate’s hard and soft skills. The hard skills part may include questions verifying knowledge in a particular area, such as technical. Questions verifying soft competencies usually refer to previous work experience or motivation for a new job.

How long do I have to wait for a recruitment response after an interview?

We make every effort to provide feedback as soon as possible, usually it is a maximum of a few days after the recruitment interview. If the waiting time should be longer for some reason, we inform you at the end of the interview.

Is it possible to send a resume to you for general recruitment, and my profile based on the experience included in the resume will determine my targeting in your company?

Ongoing recruitments are generally for specific positions. However, we encourage you to fill out recruitment forms, which are available at various events such as job fairs. Once such a form is filled out, it goes to a recruitment specialist, who contacts candidates to determine possible career paths at Atos.

Onboarding process

What does the onboarding process look like during a pandemic?

The onboarding process is currently conducted remotely. The necessary documents and equipment, along with instructions, are sent to new employees via courier service. All mandatory training is conducted online, and the necessary information and invitations are given well in advance. There is no need to show up at the company’s headquarters on the first day of work.

Is there a dedicated training program for new joiners?

Every new employee must complete mandatory training, which is an integral part of the onboarding process. Other training decisions are made by the hiring manager and buddy in consultation with the new employee and are individually adjusted to the person.

Level of knowledge and experience

Does Atos hire people without experience in the IT field?

Yes, for junior positions and internships we are also looking for people with little or no experience. However, you should always check what requirements are indicated in a given offer. Please visit our website to find the position that is right for you.

Are all people in the IT department after IT studies?

No, graduation in IT is not necessary.

At what level do you need to know English to apply to Atos?

B2 level. We are looking for people whose knowledge of English allows them to communicate freely at work.

I would like to retrain, how can I reach you?

Of course, Atos is open to establishing cooperation with people who want to retrain. Certificates obtained and knowledge from courses and training previously acquired by the candidate are verified at the interview stage. A good option for those wishing to retrain may be to attend one of our Atos Academies, which allow you to gain a basic understanding of the duties and tasks in your area. Information about the academies can be found on our career page under the Start with Atos tab, as well as on the Atos Facebook profile.

Terms and conditions of employment

Does Atos offer any benefits to its employees, such as discounts to the gym, to restaurants, gifts for holidays, etc.?

Of course, Atos offers a variety of benefits to its employees. These include private medical care (including dental care), benefit points packages to use for tickets or shopping, or subsidies for the purchase of corrective glasses. We encourage you to read the details on our website.

What is the preferred form of cooperation - UoP or B2B? What are the forms of employment available at Atos?

The preferred form of employment is a contract of employment, but of course we also undertake cooperation under a B2B agreement. In addition, there is an opportunity for internships at Atos, in which case a graduate internship contract or a contract of mandate is offered.

Do you work locally (Bydgoszcz) or do you also undertake cooperation in remote/hybrid mode?

Our offices are located in 6 cities in Poland: Bydgoszcz, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Opole, Lodz and Krakow. Offices are open to our employees, while the majority currently choose to work remotely. Of course, the employee, in consultation with his/her superiors, can decide what model of work he/she will pursue (completely remote/partially stationary).

Atos Academies

In what form are the Academies conducted - stationary or remote?

Academies can be conducted in both forms. The announcement for a particular academy always includes information on whether the training will be held remotely or at the company’s headquarters. In the case of the stationary form, the location is also indicated.

Where can I find information about current academies?

On our career page under Start with Atos, as well as on Atos’ Facebook profile – that’s where we post information about academies the fastest, so it’s worth following these channels. We also promote the academies on Instagram, in career offices and on pracuj.pl.


We will take care of you

We will provide you with private medical care thanks to which you will be able to use a wide range of medical services, including a dentist.

Take your pick

As part of our benefits platform, you will receive a guaranteed pool of points to be used for shopping, tickets and far more.

Speak your language

At Atos you can learn your chosen language in 3 ways:
– traditional language courses
– virtual lessons
– access to courses via the e-learning platform

We aim high

The conditions for improving your qualifications will be created by: individual development plans, internal and external training, conferences and certifications.

Knowledge is power

Atos will compensate for your studies related to the performed work!

Sport is health

You will work on your abs with Multisport and OK System cards, collect your team with funding as part of the b-Aktiv program.

Not just work

Work-life balance is a high priority. We play board games, cook dishes from world cuisines and integrate at themed parties, trips or picnics in the forest.

Take IT easy

We are all on the first-name basis! Dress code? Ties have long gone out of style. Casual style is a must have for this and every other season at Atos.

See the difference

You don’t have your eagle eye anymore? Time to change glass frames? Atos will provide you with 600 PLN for the purchase of new corrective glasses.

A day off for an important event

Your sister is getting married? You are defending your master’s thesis? We are happy for you and give you an extra day off!

Choose your co-workers

A colleague, neighbor or maybe brother are suitable for work at Atos? When the recommended people pass the test of time, you will earn a bonus and, additionally, work in great company.

We like each other

People! Because of them, Mondays at Atos are not so terrible! We have the best atmosphere in town.

Are you convinced yet?

Its not only about work!


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