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Is Blockchain the answer to all your problems?


No, not today.

Blockchain nowadays is a highly popular and interesting development that provides potential that is yet to be explored. The use of Blockchain is researched by every multinational and the global Blockchain market is estimated to grow to $885,4 million in 2019. However Gartner positioned Blockchain in the ‘Peak of Inflated Expectations’ stage, meaning that expectations are higher than potential or possibilities.

Using the technology can potentially make your business thrive but is Blockchain the way to go? To discover this, we believe that an experienced partner is essential – and the Atos Blockchain Factory is that partner.

Your challenge, our Expertise


Blockchain can disrupt your organization or even your industry, but is Blockchain the way to go?

We believe this requires careful consideration and support, and therefore Atos founded the Atos Blockchain Factory. In this factory we provide End to End delivery and a standardized approach – allowing us to tailor to you needs.

Your ambition combined with our expertise and proven approach offers you the opportunity to kickstart your Blockchain journey!

The Blockchain Revolution

Separation dash

END 2 END Delivery

From Blockchain education to building and managing your Blockchain solution

Added value as core principle

Deploying Blockchain as a means to achieve improvement

That’s one small step for a man

From Proof of Value to Data Strategy, guiding your Blockchain Journey

Producing solutions that improve your business

Factorizing solutions that add value to your daily operations, available from our Blockchain portfolio

Managed Services

Disclosing the scalable Atos Global Blockchain Platform

Hosting & maintaining your Blockchain solution on our trusted global platform

Ability to combine Blockchain with other technologies

Blockchain will be combined with e.g. IoT, data analytics and smart city – we anticipate and prepare you for the future

The business strategy


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Raacha Naoum

Blockchain Expert, Business Development Leader

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Jessica Hofmann

Blockchain Expert & Team Lead

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