Atos Blockchain Factory

Taking the Lead in Blockchain

Why we’re here


  • The global Blockchain market grows to $885.4 million in 2019.
  • 42% of Manufacturing, Retail and Transport executives plan a $5 million Blockchain investment in the coming year.
  • The EU has invested billions in Blockchain (Horizon 2020).
  • Blockchain in healthcare est. $176.8 million in 2018, est. $5.61 billion by end of 2025.
  • “The Netherlands is becoming a Blockchain nation”.


… And Atos wants a piece of the pie

What we’re up to


Atos solution’s products

An Atos Blockchain Factory to:

  • Service current and future customer interest in Blockchain with E2E delivery.
  • Add value to current customer relations.
  • Bring Atos Blockchain products of added value to the market.
  • Build a smart and focused approach and an efficient internal organization in Blockchain aligned with all service lines.

Be a trusted partner for our customers.

Prepare Atos to take a big share of the market.

The Blockchain Revolution

Separation dash

END 2 END Delivery

Including Managed Services

Added value as core principle

Deploying Blockchain as a means and not a goal

Taking Small steps

From Proof of Value to Data Strategy, facilitating the customer in his discovery of Blockchain

Bringing Atos products that are of added value

Checked and backed by Atos sales organization

Managed Services

Disclosing the scalable Global Blockchain Platform

Supported by Atos Global,  to operate applications

Able to combine Blockchain with other technologies

Connecting Atos abilities from across the globe

The business strategy


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