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Digital signature for healthcare organizations

How to improve the paperwork productivity in your hospital?

With an average of two-third of their professional time spent in paperwork, doctors are mostly filling documents and have less time to focus on their core activity. Healthcare organizations can be struggling with these administrative costs, often due to the overuse of paper practices. In their journey to reduce paper, hospitals can adopt digital signature or expand it to the many departments in order to:

Reduce materialized flows
Offer new dematerialized services to healthcare professionals and patients
Guarantee the integrity and probative value of electronically signed documents

Enhance paperwork processes efficiency and reliability with digital signature.

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Digital signature: bring more trust in your relationship with the patients

In 2018, a study conducted by the St. Michael’s Hospital revealed that sensitive information, such as personal health documents, were discarded in recycling bins. Not having been shredded, these 2 687 documents could have threatened patients’ privacy and hospitals confidential documents. With the right digial signature solutions, electronic health records can be secured more easily.

Atos provides Metasign, a digital signature solution that helps healthcare organizations to:

Ensure the integrity of signed document and verify the identity of the signer (patient, doctor, administration…) to be sure they are only working with trusted actors
Benefit from timestamping to be able to verify the signatures in a long-term perspective
Simplify archiving, save money on printing and scanning, and reduce time spent on paper processing

Digital signatures: A security imperative for today’s open and fast-paced world

“Digitization not only holds the key to speeding up processes but also to increase security in today’s increasingly open world. But how do we digitize the part of process that traditionally sees us put pen to paper – the signature?” Pierre-Jean Aubourg, Director of Professional Services of Atos IoT Security department

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Factsheet electronic signature

In a context where organisations are moving to paperless transactions, it is necessary to electronically sign documents to guarantee their integrity and to be able to bring the proof of acceptance by the signer.

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