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Trustway crypt2pay, high performance payment HSM for secure transaction

Secure payment transactions (including online payment and mobile payment security) with an encryption payment HSM

When it comes to payment transactions, security is one of the most important issues.

Banks and financial institutions may suffer considerable financial losses in case of fraud. Reliable and flexible protection solutions are required which integrate into payment systems.

In close collaboration with major international banking networks, financial institutions and strategic partners, Atos has designed a range of Hardware Security Modules called Trustway crypt2pay that meet today’s market requirements. Beyond payment transactions, the functions of trustway crypt2pay are extended to secure transactions with other cards in the fields of health or identity, and other types of equipment, such as smart meters or connected objects.

HSM payment Trustway Crypt2pay

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Full compliance

FIPS 140-2 Level3+*, EMV 4.2 CPA, Visa VIS 1.4.0, MasterCard Mchip 4.0, AMEX CSC TM, 3-D SecureTM, PayPass, PayWave, DUKPT 2009 f TR31, HCE Cloud Based Payment, LoRa.  *CHR Cryptographic module is FIPS 140-2 level 3+ approved 

Banking specialist

With more than 30 years in financial security, Atos securise numerous banking networks and is takes an active part in implementing comprehensive payment systems with renowned software publishers.

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Atos has built up a unique body of expertise in information systems security, bringing together consulting and systems integration expertise and an in-depth understanding of corporate security technologies.

Trustway crypt2pay, secure payment and financial transactions

Payment systems evolve to keep pace with a changing economy

Customers’ demand is the main driver to add new payment options, from mobile to instant payment. With the rise of e-commerce and the fact that cash is not king anymore, businesses need to have a convenient solution to improve customer satisfaction.

Speed of transactions is also changing the way financial transactions are made. Organizations and consumers are looking for low responses times, meaning the payment system availability must be high and the information always accurate.

Finally, security is at the hearth of the payment ecosystem. To be sure to bring the highest levels of security in this very complex and changing ecosystem, transactions rely on regulations and standards (EMV, PCI, HCE architecture, 3rd party wallets security…).

In close collaboration with major international banking networks, financial institutions and strategic partners, Atos has designed Trustway crypt2pay, a Hardware Security Module, that helps to secure the data in transit between all actors and meets today’s market requirements.

Trustway crypt2pay is a high performance encryption device designed to protect transactions, carried out with a bank or private card, contact or contactless, and all operations made in card processing centers.

Already chosen by several major European banks, Trustway crypt2pay brings the security required in many card applications:
Transaction acquisition
EMV and magnetic stripe authorization (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, UnionPay)
PIN management & PIN printing
Applications for private cards
3-D SecureTM issuance and authorization
EMV and magnetic stripe data preparation
Dynamic CVV verification
HCE (Host Card Emulation) solutions for Cloud Based Payment.
Key Management Centre.

The cryptographic services offered by Trustway crypt2pay also cover transaction security needs for connected smart devices through dedicated macro commands:
Smart metering transactions
Securing the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Trustway crypt2pay product range uses the latest cryptographic technology. It adapts to different uses with a high level of reliability. New functions can be easily uploaded on the HSM to ensure upgrading to the latest market evolutions.

In addition, Trustway crypt2pay integrates general purpose functions accessible through standard interfaces to cover all needs to protect stored data (database encryption) or exchanged data (protection of SSL/TLS keys) and meet PCI PTS requirements.

Trustway crypt2pay is a universal module available in low, medium and high speed, offering a large variety of options and connection.

In all industries the requirements of cryptographic key management are becoming increasingly complex. Ensure that each key is in the right place at the right time for the right use is a constraint for many organizations, such as card issuing banks, transport infrastructure or identity cards or passports issuers.

The proliferation of applications and HSMs requires the establishment of centralized tools for key management and harmonization of procedures for key management. Atos KMC solution has been designed to manage keys for banks and large organizations.

Atos KMC solution offers several import/export formats to exchange keys with partners and includes key distribution to target HSM from Atos (crypt2pay) and other vendors. KMC relies on Trustway crypt2pay HSM to ensure a permanent protection of keys. The key introduction device is connected directly to the HSM of the KMC for entering PINs and key components, in order to provide a trusted path for the introduction of secrets.


Tamper resistant design: MEPS 2 approved, CHR Cryptographic module is FIPS 140-2 level 3+ approved, PCI HSM certified
Several coprocessor speeds: 90 PVV / 200 PVV / 2000 PVV
Multi-purpose HSM with different customizable packages
Proprietary interface: TLV messages
Standard interfaces: PKCS#11, Microsoft CNG, EKM


Visa VIS 1.4.0
MasterCard Mchip 4.0
3-D Secure
DUKPT 2009
► TR31
HCE Cloud Based Payment
► LoRa


DES: DES and triple DES
RSA: Keys up to 4096 bits
PKCS1.5 and PSS signature
AES: 128, 192 and 256 bit keys
► ECDSA: ANSI and Brainpool named curves
DSA: Keys up to 3072 bits


Performance: 90 – 200 –2000 PVV tps
Voltage: 85-264 Vac
Frequency: 47-63 Hz
Humidity: 30% – 70% non condensing
Operating temperature: 10/45°C f

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Hardware Security Module (HSM) for secure transactions

Trustway crypt2pay is a high performance encryption device designed to protect transactions, carried out with a bank or private card, contact or contactless, and all operations made in card processing centers.

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The proliferation of applications and HSMs requires the establishment of centralized tools for key management and harmonization of procedures for key management. Atos KMC solution has been designed to manage keys for banks and large organizations.

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