Atos Computer Vision Platform

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Atos Computer Vision Platform

Atos Computer Vision Platform is a unique end-to-end computer vision platform providing pre-trained & customizable AI models powered by BullSequana server range and enriched by Atos computer vision experts through worldwide experts labs.

It enables to identify events and behaviours, to reduce error rates, to guarantee people and asset safety, to deliver highest quality, to offer frictionless and personalized customer experiences. Business and organisations keep up the paste of events and demand, by analyzing videos in real time at the edge to drive the best decisions.

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What is computer vision platform?

Computer vision is a field of computer science that enables computer to process images and videos, to interpret what it sees, and then perform appropriate analysis or act accordingly. If AI allows computers to think, computing vision enable them to see and understand. It combines cameras, cloud to edge high performance server infrastructure based on GPU to provide acceleration, software solutions, and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable systems to “see” and identify objects.

How does computer vision work?

Computer vision works thanks to the combination of several technologies, among which deep learning. It uses deep learning technique to form neural networks to “absorb” a very large amount of data. An automatic learning method transforms images and videos into a representation of a vector of data that takes into account, in particular, the intensity of the pixels, the particular shapes, etc.

Once fully trained, computer vision models can execute four main type of fonctions to drive decisions:


Person searching, Product localization…


Facial recognition, Object recognition…


Quality control, protection equipment detection…

Motion analysis

Person tracking, Flow management, Crowd management, Customer path in retail store…

Atos Computer Vision Platform across use cases


Stadiums & sport venues



Petrol filling stations


Smart cities


Security system integrators: become our partner

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Software suite


VISuite empowers automation in CCTV applications through premium high-end video analytics for live response and forensic investigations. It has been successfully deployed in mission critical solutions globally, across multiple verticals. VISuite is at the forefront of the Artificial Intelligence revolution backed by strong global patents. VISuite has a wide set of pre-trained models for use cases such as: crowd management, intrusion detection, perimeter protection, number plate recognition, traffic management, non-facial recognition etc…

A core element of the software stack is Ipsotek, newly acquired by Atos. Ipsotek is a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence video analytics solutions for mission critical applications. Ipsotek’s easily configurable solutions make video searchable, actionable and quantifiable, providing crucial operational insights resulting in reduced operator response times and the ability to define behaviors as they unfold in real-time in dynamic and complex environments.

Ipsotek is an Atos company.

VISuite AI

  • Integrated with cameras, VMS and PSIM
  • Real time rich metadata, events and reports
  • Geo-positionng and PTZ control

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VISuite FR (facial recognition)

  • Facial Recognition engine that captures faces in real-time and compares against a database to determine identities
  • Optimised for use in busy and security-sensitives scenarios where the highest level of recognition is required, whilst minimising the false alarm rate
  • A wide range of applications from government to enterprise solutions in order to improve security and efficiency

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  • Forensic search tool
  • Intuitive interface
  • Ability to query descriptions

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VISuite Investigation

  • Multi camera tracker
  • Overlapped and non overlapped cameras
  • Live and forensics deployment

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VISuite LPR (license plate recognition)

  • License Plate recognition – utilises advanced Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) algorithms to automatically detect number plates.
  • Watchlist solution – detects plates that have previously been enrolled to a Watchlist and raises an alarm when a match is found.
  • Tag and Track – functionality allows operators to locate and track vehicles across multiple cameras for security and safety applications

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VISuite Protect

  • Take immediate actions
  • Increase security officer’s efficiency in tracking and searching tasks
  • Reducecost of monitoring and lost person search.
  • Respect people privacy: No Facial recognition
  • Deploy centrally or at the edge

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Our pre-trained AI models

Object detection

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Abandoned object detection

Non-facial recognition

License plate recognition

Watchlist alert


Touchless access control

Custom AI models

Thanks to worldwide experts labs, Atos AI/ML experts and a strong partner ecosystem, we are able to build and train custom AI models for specific client use cases such as quality control, detection of protection equipment etc…

Cloud to edge server range

Best-in-class servers to compute computer vision algorithms from edge datacenter to far edge.

BullSequana X450

AI performance in the datacenter

BullSequana SA20G

AI inference & training in the edge datacenter

BullSequana Edge

AI inference & training outside the datacenter

BullSequana Edge nano

Plug & play AI inference in extreme conditions


AI Computer vision labs

  • Consulting services
  • Customization of existing AI models to customer environment and business needs
  • Customization of AI models to local data protection regulation
  • Post deployment support and model tuning
  • Configuration, deployment and support of hardware infrastructure

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