Take advantage of your IoT data for optimized energy consumption.

BullSequana Edge offers significant benefits to improve energy consumption. The analysis of all this data on AI algorithms allows carriers to optimize ship performance and reduce oil consumption by 20%.

Ensure constant analysis BullSequana Edge ensure an efficient continuous service, including in white areas in the open sea.

  • Use of data analysis results in real time and locally
  • Real-time decision to adapt itinerary in real-time depending on winds, courants to spare energy. Here, your environmental impact is limited, up to 30% lower and you reduce operational costs.

Maintain the sovereignty of all your data

  • Intrusion detection and data encryption systems protect your data from external threats.
  • Reduce operational costs Data storage and analysis cost in the cloud is significant for high volume and complex data especially in maritime areas due to satellite provider dependency. Thanks to local and autonomous storage and analysis, BullSequana Edge allows lower costs. Data is sent to the cloud for mid/long term storage and monitoring.





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