AI software

As businesses are overwhelmed with data of all sorts: video, image, sensors, text, voice… the real potential of data is still largely untapped. Only 24% of business decision makers are confident in their ability to use data.

Building, training, and optimizing production-quality models is expensive, requiring numerous iterations, large datasets, domain expertise, and countless hours of computation in a context of data scientist shortage. Thus, Atos develop a complete AI software portfolio with +150 pre-built AI models. The pre-trained AI models have been trained on representative datasets and reach >99% accuracy. These models can be easily retrained with your own data or 100% custom-built for specific needs.

Atos helps you deliver AI & ML faster and at a lower cost on your existing infrastructure or on Atos server range. All our AI models can be deployed on Google Cloud, AWS or Microsoft Azure.


Hundreds of pre-trained models for tasks like object detection, recommendation engine, natural language processing, data extraction, or predictive maintenance


Pre-trained models are ready to use and can be integrated with your infrastructure


Atos provides high performing servers for all environments, constraints & business needs: BullSequana X, BullSequana SA20G, BullSequana Edge, BullSequana Edge nano


Adaptable to customer’s infrastructure (sensors, camera etc)


+20 years of experience (Ipsotek is a pioneer in the field of computer vision)


+200 customers


International coverage & services availability

Atos enables business to start with a PoC for a few weeks then deploy in large scale.
Start with one/few use cases and extend to more!

Our capabilities are based on the expertise of:


Our offerings

Atos Computer Vision Platform

Atos Computer Vision Platform is a unique end-to-end computer vision platform providing pre-trained & customizable AI models powered by BullSequana server range and enriched by Atos computer vision experts through worldwide experts labs.

Outcome-driven AI Platform

Outcome-driven AI platform’ (ODAP) is the first highly scalable and end-to-end AI/ML data science offering, delivering ready-to-use and customizable AI models, dedicated to deliver clear business outcomes to customers.

CV Labs

Atos has 5 CV labs with +250 data scientists. Their role is to customize & build AI models and data platform. We provide expertise in product enhancement, CV MLops, CV Models, NLP, Predictive analytics.