Outcome-driven AI Platform

The real data potential is still largely untapped

Data dashboards at enterprises are rarely put into motion to improve business day to day task across organizations. Only 24% of business decision makers are confident in their ability to use data.

What is the Outcome-Driven AI Platform?

Outcome-driven AI platform’ (ODAP) is the first highly scalable and end-to-end AI/ML data science offering, delivering ready-to-use and customizable AI models, dedicated to deliver clear business outcomes to customers.

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Outcome-Driven AI Platform Use Cases

Get your results fast. Is your goal to increase your conversions by a 360° personalised marketing? To improve your customer experience? Or to optimize and automate your business processes? The Outcome-Driven AI Platform offers many ready-to-use use cases and AI products.


  • Eliminate out-of-stock
  • Understand your customers
  • Provide personalised experience
  • Boost cross- and up-selling
  • Offer fast & smart product search
  • Enable accurate demand forecasting

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  • Keep production lines running smoothly by modelling product quality and detecting defects
  • Optimise warehouse management and logistics
  • Develop sensors for autonomous vehicles by using machine learning models


  • Increase conversions by a personalised marketing, digital sales
  • Enrich fraud/AML/risk detection processes by new data
  • Prevent churn based on call recordings & chats
  • Enable website personalisation

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  • Detect benefit fraud
  • Predict usage patterns for public services
  • Optimise waste management and traffic flows


  • Manage vast networks of physical assets
  • Forecast production and demand patterns
  • Predict outages before they happen
  • Plan for supply and demand


  • Optimise route planning
  • Enable predictive maintenance for vehicles
  • Optimise supply chain operations

Ready-to-use products by our dedicated AI/ML expert team

Increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Personalisation and AI-driven segmentation for FSI.

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Collect and automatically process photos across the whole retail chain to objectively measure the needed KPIs.

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Boost online conversions by offering product recommendations based on price-performance ratio.

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Enable publishers to use customisable machine learning models to understand their users, target ads, and more.

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Our AI capabilities for custom products

Measuring & analysis

Text mining

Natural langage processing

Recommendation engine

Infrastructure of your choice

Compatible with your cloud services

Compatible with Edge computing

BullSequana X450

AI performance in the datacenter

BullSequana SA20G

AI inference & training in the edge datacenter

BullSequana Edge

AI inference & training outside the datacenter

BullSequana Edge nano

Plug & play AI inference in extreme conditions

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