Product availability: one of the biggest stakes for retailers.

Nearly 90% of global retail sales take place in physical stores and, as a result, most of them invest in computing power closer to the buyer.

The management of shelves is one of the major challenges for distributors. These must ensure a regular supply of shelves to ensure maximum sales and optimal customer satisfaction. In the face of competition from e-commerce, customer satisfaction has become extremely volatile.

Stores face many problems: internal process failure, resource constraints and data failure. These daily issues are managed manually by the sales representatives of the sectors responsible for the brands and by the staff responsible for the departments.

Edge computing benefits

Product availability

  • Detect the product on the shelf
  • Recognize the specific product
  • Compare the quantities on the shelf with the upcoming sales request.

Why BullSequana Edge?

The infrastructure and applications which enable real-time processing of supply chain systems are done without the delays or costs, that could occur, if data were to constantly move back and forth in the cloud. Processes are automated, employees save time to create a better and more convenient shopping experience for our customers.

Prevention against theft

According to a 2018 survey conducted by the National Retail Federation (NRF), inventory losses due to theft, shoplifting, error or fraud reduce net industry results by $46.8 billion.

Sources of theft:

  • Accidental
  • Exchanges of products
  • Intended

Why BullSequana Edge?

Cameras are installed at the automatic cash registers. Deep learning algorithms analyze massive (1 GIGA bits per second) and complex video data in real time. Detection of fraud at the cash register or attempted theft is immediately reported.

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