siriOSS® Suite

Operate your network with optimal performance

Smooth and reliable performance is an important issue in any communication scenario. Network infrastructure as well as service quality and network performance need to be kept on top level to provide the best services to customers.

Atos siriOSS® Suite is the computerized solution that manages and controls your assets and services in order to keep them operating reliably and economically throughout their entire lifecycle. It coordinates scheduled and preventive maintenance of all kinds of communication-network-specific assets, such as base stations, core network node, application server and backbone networks, and it administers and maintains IT-related assets such as servers or cables. siriOSS® Suite delivers a transparent end-to-end view of the entire infrastructure and it optimizes asset performance, controls costs and complies with local regulations. At its core, siriOSS® Suite manages all your physical and logical assets. It features a powerful provisioning solution for the subscribers of the communication network and includes an intelligent fault and performance management system to ensure that your network-related infrastructure functions perfectly. And, last but not least, the workforce management plus its cutting-edge mobile client make sure that all manually performed maintenance activities are executed efficiently and effectively.

siriOSS® Suite has a proven track-record of successfully managing complex and heterogeneous networks in a variety of telecommunication domains and industry sectors. Thanks to the modular approach it can be fitted exactly to the functional scope needed.

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