Asset and Inventory Management

Hundreds of thousands of customer relationships, thousands of network components, hundreds of technologies and services, a variety of providers and domains: the complexity of today’s communication networks is enormous. And managing this complexity has become a major challenge.

siriOSS® CONDIS® has met this challenge – in dozens of projects, all over the world!

The challenge


Successful operation of communication networks today requires efficient management of network resources, a quick launch of services, while, at the same time, maintaining a high level of service quality.

The solution


siriOSS® CONDIS® keeps track of all your physical and logical network resources, correlating and actively managing them. In just a blink of an eye it delivers a comprehensive and transparent end-to-end view from the infrastructure to the services all the way through to your customer. Based on its smart architecture and its high scalability, siriOSS® CONDIS® is significantly more cost-efficient than comparable solutions on the market. In addition, it requires just a minimum of operational investment. It is easily customizable and can be effortlessly extended anytime.

Benefitting from an all-embracing view

Network resource management – the end-to-end view

siriOSS® CONDIS® manages and correlates all your assets. It provides features for planning and consistent documentation of physical, logical and service layers of your networks. All relations and dependencies are shown in a clearly-structured end-to-end view.

Service provisioning – consistent quality

Launch services quickly and easily. Based on a fully automated synchronization and provisioning engine, siriOSS® CONDIS® keeps all relevant network information consistent, both in the database and the network itself.

Save your investments – save your resources

Enjoy full flexibility: No matter how your business develops – siriOSS® CONDIS® will always be right for you. Thanks to its centralized data model and SOA-based interfaces it can be easily extended, adapted to your specific requirements, and integrated into almost any BSS, OSS and IT tool available.

siriOSS® CONDIS® – demonstrable time and cost savings

  • 55% less time needed for setting up the required IT support for new products (time to market)
  • 40% increase in automating provisioning and activation processes (time to service)
  • 20% reduction of throughput times for customer projects (time to market)
  • 40,000 free network resources, such as ports, discovered that were previously marked as used, which resulted in savings of € 1 million
  • 14 databases replaced by one single database (decrease of IT business effort)

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