siriOSS® iNMs

Network and Fault Management System

siriOSS® iNMs detects network faults long before your staff will notice any deviations in their service. Whenever any divergence occurs, it correlates and filters the alarms sent out by the affected network elements and performs a root cause analysis.

The challenge


Smooth and reliable performance is important in industries and telecommunications.
If delivery contracts are not fulfilled, contract penalties will be severe. In case of accidents the human, economic and ecological repercussions might even be catastrophic.
In short: Failure is not an option and a state-of-the-art network and fault management solution is needed to ensure smooth operations.

The solution


siriOSS iNMs is an umbrella management solution (multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-domain), joining and correlating information from all kinds of electronic sources, including complementing SCADA systems. It is highly scalable and can moni­tor thousands of elements simultaneously.

Ensuring smooth operations and optimizing asset performance

Network Repository

Stores all the network information and provides a uniform view of the heterogeneous network with different visualization options. Network information is entered consistently and easily by Autodiscovery, Manual Configuration or Batch import/ export.

Network Monitoring

Receives alarms via its various network interfaces from the network. To reduce the alarms that occur in a network, different rules for correlation and alarm filtering can be defined. iNMs provides alarm tables as well as graphical representations for monitored components. Alarms are color-coded in line with their severity.

Root Cause Analysis and Reactions

To prevent faults the system analyzes trends and proactively increases the service quality of the network and its connected physical and virtual applications. If a problem occurs, it detects faults through filtering, correlation and root cause analy­sis. Reactions are automatically initiated and trouble tickets generated.

siriOSS® iNMs (integrated Network Management services)

Typical results achieved in international projects

  • Alarm reduction by 97%
  • 95% of the remaining alarms are managed automatically
  • Overall workload of operators reduced by 20%
  • Integration of complete networks within weeks.

Telecommunication references

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