WiFi Offload

WiFi extension for 2G/3G/LTE

Maximize the power of your network

WiFi Offload utilizes the IETF industry standard EAP-SIM/AKA secure authentication methods to allow subscribers to seamlessly move between mobile networks and WiFi networks with only a single login.

It uses standard infrastructure to provide mutual authentication between devices containing SIM cards and the subscriber credentials stored within the HLR (Home Location Register) and the HSS (Home Subscriber Server). Your subscribers only need their SIM card to access your network.

WiFi Offload is compatible and interoperable with all WiFi access point devices and common packet gateways available today. It offers a single solution that combines state-of-the-art Radius + Diameter AAA functionality with the evolutionary Diameter LTE architecture.

Modular architecture
WiFi Offload runs on a highly scalable platform architecture. Application front-end servers mutually provide services like authentication, authorization and accounting as part of the business logic processing. Additionally, a redundant set of high-performance back-end servers carry central services, such as real-time session management, as well as appropriate interface services like LDAP.


WiFi Offload supports both online and offline charging methods. It generates Charging Data Records that can be sent to or collected by your external billing system. Due to the carrier-grade platform architecture, the accounting data is safe and robustly stored on the backend servers, ready to be retrieved via SFTP by your billing server. Other charging methods include Diameter Credit Control Application (DCCA) and voucher or captive portal based methods.

Telecommunication references

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