Session Manager

Reliable service experience anywhere

Session Manager is your solution for the network access control services authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) compliant with the relevant standards of IETF, 3GPP and 3GPP2. It allows your subscribers to access your network through whatever network access technology they choose, no matter if it is mobile, wireless, fixed or cable, and it ensures a transparent access experience even for those moving between different network types.

Flexible business logic

Due to more dynamic marketing conditions, new business models require complex policies and their rapid evolution to meet changing subscriber demands. Session Manager features multilevel decision logic Rules Engine that allows you to adapt its standard functionality to fit exactly to your requirements. You will be able to provide your subscribers targeted services that really differentiate you from the competition.

Session Management

Session Manager features the central in-memory database Item Store that helps you solve the huge demand for dynamic, real-time session data management. It gives you valuable information about each subscriber’s state and identity and it enables third-party applications to retrieve subscriber session information via various standardized protocols.

Because dynamic subscriber session info is valuable to a vast number of interested parties, for example advertisers who are now able to correlate billable identity and personalized services, it significantly improves your subscribers’ service experience and it can even open up new revenue streams.

Scalable and modular architecture

Session Manager allows almost unlimited scalability by adding frontend servers to increase the number of transactions per second and backend servers to increase the number of concurrent active subscribers. Session Manager is extendable on a per-component basis, allowing you to meet the specific needs of your network traffic load and providing economic viability from small-scale trials to massive network-wide deployments.

In a multi-site setup Session Manager always ensures data synchronization between the sites, hence when one of them fails due to a software or hardware malfunction the other is able to immediately take over.

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