Paperless Production with Smart Labels

Fast Benefit-pleasant Investment

Smart Labels: The Future of the Manufacturing Industry

Since over a decade manufacturers have the ambition to achieve a truly paperless production. It is at the heart of many digitalization initiatives to remove paper-based activities wherever possible, and to replace it with digital form of information.

Paperless solutions are no longer cost intensive and unpractical as the utilization of e-ink technology, offers a fast and cost effective solution with mobile displays, which batteries last for years. There is a whole continuum of solutions available from a very cost effective entry level for replacing paper up to real time location based automation solutions with high precision indoor locations.

Smart labels enable your production chain to handle processes easier, faster, more efficiently while having a sustainable effect, saving tons of paper per year.

We help you to identify the perfect solution for your current and future needs, implement the first PoC with you and support you in scale up and roll out.

Your Benefits

Efficiency in the Production Chain

  • Real-time reactions
  • Automation in information presentation
  • Indoor localisation of components (flashing LEDs)

Achieve your Sustainability Goals

  • Customers are saving up to 1.3 million sheets of paper/year
  • Completely Paperless Production chain possible
  • Move closer to your Sustainability goals

Quick & Cost Effective Implementation

  • Quick Return on Investment
  • Low Investment for productive and effective PoC
  • Quick and effective Implementation
Big Data

Integration into Your IT/OT-Infrastructure

  • Atos Middleware integrates the Labels into your SCADA, MES or ERP solution
  • Show Feedback and Actions from your SCADA, MES or ERP system on your Labels
  • On Premise or Cloud option possible

How it works

Atos is partnering with the market leader imagotag and PDS – the global market leaders in smart labels. Together we provide you with ba ready to go solution for your paperless production. The solution combines wireless data exchange, e-paper displays and NFC/QR codes to provide relevant real-time information on the shop floor.

Electronic shelf labels connected with container of goods and are updated with data in real-time, independent from the position in the factory. Indication LEDs and HW buttons on the labels are part of the solution and have a wide variety of applications like easy identification of the right box on the shelf or progress status reporting.

The labels are linked to your SCADA, MES, ERP solution by ATOS flexible and powerful middleware. The solution is easily integrated into your existing wireless network on the shop floor and works fully on premise.
Upon customer request Atos can also provide you with the WLAN infrastructure to provide reliable and fit for purpose network coverage for your production.

Labels can provide useful information for operators in the performance of their tasks, like in-process vehicle number associated with kitting (all parts for this vehicle), or counting the turnaround time of repairs on equipment. Equipped with a LED, it easily allows the pick-to-light and put-to-light, the identification of misplaced items or alert on an expiration date.

Next to paper-reduction, automation of processes is an ongoing challange in modern business. Automation can be achieved in several ways. One way is to update data on e-label connected to a container of goods in real-time, independent of the position in the factory. Another way is to trigger tasks or whole processes directly by acting with e-labels automatically or by manually pushing the labels’ button.

Imagine you need more pieces of a specific product at the production line. With e-labels, you can just push the button on the label assigned to this product to trigger an automatic process that includes:

  • Sending a message of a request to the warehouse
  • Automatic processing of all related actions in an ERP system including a possible new order of these parts from the vendor
  • Highlighting the product in the warehouse for easy pick-up through the LED on the label assigned to the product in the warehouse
  • Reporting the status of the production step (e.g. assembly) to the MES


Architecture picture of an implementation/integration

Smart Labels in Action

See live how 288 labels change their content dynamically and swiftly to precisely display new content.
This is not the fastest possible reaction time to new content: the minimum time is 1.875 seconds, which of course affects the battery life, which is normally 8 years. (The fastest possible reaction time is 1.875 which is not recommended due to battery life efficiency, but can be implemented on demand)

Customers Story

For the vehicle manufacturer Renault, we have made the vehicle assembly process more efficient through the use and integration of Smart Labels. The video shows the assembly process on the production line.
The labels are attached to the kits (boxes with assembly parts) and are used by the pick to light principle (integrated LEDs).
By attaching twin labels to the front and back of the loading ramps, it was ensured that the correct contents always ends up in the assembly box.
Another advantage: by using the smart labels, the storage space of the parts can be changed dynamically and used efficiently.
This enabled Renault’s kitting warehouse to run at a much higher utilisation rate with lower cycletimes

Vehicle processing at Renault

Learn more

If you are curious about the Smart Label solution, watch our episode of the Use-Case Forum. We will show you live what e-labels are capable of and demonstrate some use cases in the manufacturing industry. In addition, we show you some implemented Use-Cases at our customers and talk about the added value of smart labels in the usage.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Atos expert.

Bernhard Schinkowitsch

Recording of Smart Labels Live Cast (30 min)