Who we are?

Get to know our values!

Atos Values

We respect each other and encourage difference.

We create a safe, diverse, equitable and open environment built on wellbeing.

We lead with care, understanding & humility.

We know that a passion to learn is the key to growth.

We look for new knowledge and experiences to help us create value for our clients.

We use new skills to grow ourselves, our client relationships, and our company.

We look for
innovative solutions
to the problems we face.

We know that failure is an opportunity for success.

We are leaders
creating change
in the world around us.

We create sustainable partnerships built on trust and ethics.

We transform our clients’ businesses. society & the planet through technology.

We balance future needs with the needs of now.

We don’t just cooperate or compete -we collaborate.

We enable accountable decision making
at every level.

We know that we are better, and have more fun, together

We Are Atos

A meeting place for people and technology

At Atos, we recognise how important our people are and we acknowledge and support what is important to them. We are Atos focuses on the full life cycle of our employee experience through five key areas – Diversity & Inclusion, Social Value, Wellbeing, Life@Work and Customer Experience.

Creating a positive working environment that supports personal and collective development

Contributing positively towards society

Fostering a culture that supports a healthy work-life balance



Being an inclusive, diverse and ethical employer of choice

Sharing our experience and best practice with our customers