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Transform your data into business results

Data becomes the key driver for your growth and competitiveness

90% of businesses expect data-driven insight to become a key differentiator by 2020

The future belongs to those who harness the opportunities from data. The ability to rapidly collect, integrate, manage and transform data into business insights and outcomes is the key driver of growth and competitiveness.

Atos Codex is the world’s first business-focused portfolio for data-driven business transformation in every market. With deep domain knowledge and expertise, we have a complete set of solutions and capabilities to design, build, run and secure your smart business services and data platforms.

Unlock the value of your data today.

Source: A Forrester Consulting study of over 580 business and IT leaders based in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, commissioned by Atos. Learn more.

A global leader in business-driven analytics, IoT and cognitive

Whether you want to anticipate customer behaviors, boost efficiency with data-driven processes or create new business models, products and services, we have the methodology, design labs, and an open industrial platform factory to deliver your data strategy.

Focus on the essential: get actionable insights for business value. With Atos, you do not have to choose between business focus and technology innovation. You get both.

Market expertise and solutions

Advanced functional and industry use cases accelerators, data science expertise and agile methods for your smart business services.

Industrial platform eco-system

Dynamic industrial data platform ecosystem with no lock-in delivers agility and accelerates your time-to-value.

Massive industrial scalability

Meet real-time data processing needs with high performance and guaranteed service levels thanks to our exascale computing services.

Peace of mind

Focus on the essential as we take the complexity out of deploying, securing and managing vast IoT landscapes.

What our clients say about us


Madrileña Red de Gas

“Gas fraud is not straightforward, and until now detection has often depended more on luck than science. Our new analytics tools have changed the rules in our favor. It gets even better: with every round of analytics, these cognitive tools get smarter meaning that intelligence and success improve continuously.”

Glen Lancastle, CIO and COO, Madrileña Red De Gas

View the Madrileña Red De Gas Case Study here

Identify fraudulent customers early

Discover how Atos is helping T-Mobile Austria identify fraudulent customers and preventing revenue loss.

With Atos Codex, Atos data scientists built a powerful solution that incorporates demographic, geographic and financial attributes, advanced statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms.

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The future belongs to those who monetize and maximize their data

90% of respondents expect data-driven business insight to become a key differentiator by 2020. Learn how the flood of digital data is revolutionizing businesses and business decision-making.

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