HSM – Hardware Security Module for mobile payment

Data protection for payment devices

How to ensure secure NFC mobile payments to customers?

Payment devices are evolving over time and financial industry must adapt in parallel. Today credit cards are being replaced by smartphones as payment terminals. But with these new means available to customers, new security issues are emerging. Consumer IDs usually stored on credit cards now transit on mobile device. Thus, security features must take that into account.

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The challenge

In order to meet the requirements of consumers who want a simple and reliable mobile payment solution, the banking industry must facilitate the transition of payment cards to payment solutions with digital credentials (mobile payment applications. e-wallet…), while ensuring the security of the different payment devices.

The solution

International payment systems provide issuers, merchants and value-added partners with a consolidated payment ecosystem accessible through secure APIs that support the management and generation of digital payment tokens. Sensitive data such as primary account numbers (PANs) exchanged with transmitters are encrypted and authenticated in the APIs. Value-added partners that offer mobile payment solutions receive single-use transaction keys to provision the mobile application through these same APIs.

In addition

Security functions for sensitive data exchanged with VISA VTS or MASTERCARD MDES platforms have been added to the crypt2pay security hardware module (HSM) to manage the authentication and encryption of sensitive data.

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