Trust Management

Connected objects identity management


As a growing number of internal and external exchanges are computerized and where mobility is more and more important, securing electronic transactions and information systems more broadly is a key issue for organizations.

Organizations need to have applications supporting the encryption and decryption of electronic documents in order to answer to confidentiality issues. Metacrypt is Bull’s electronic document encryption / decryption offer.


Metacrypt is conformed with the Common Criteria and its evaluation assurance level is EAL3 (ANSSI).


Metacrypt protects your sensible data with high-level encryption and works with different environments such as desktop, mobile and tablets.


Bring together know-how in consulting and systems integration and an in-depth understanding of corporate security technologies with Atos expertise in information systems security.

Metacrypt offers the following services to applications:
Encryption of a document (or data stream), using a secure encryption device (cryptographic module), for one or more recipients accordingly to a given encryption policy
The decryption of a document (or a data stream) encrypted by a recipient accordingly to a given encryption policy.

Each of these services can be used independently.

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Partners program


Atos provides products in the field of embedded device security in the context of Infineon Security Partner Network with a solution for connected cars.

LoRa Alliance

Atos is members of the LoRaAlliance and provides trust security services to deliver keys and certificate for IoT.

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