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We relay event results and athlete information to journalists, media institutions, athletes and billions of viewers in just a 0.5 second lead time.

The Olympic Games are a multi-event, multi-venue operations, requiring a significant high level of coordination in the collection, consolidation, reporting and dissemination of results and other information to athletes, fans, media, workforce, government and Olympic bodies. Each with its own unique requirements for best experience and use.

It all starts with the collection of data. And when it comes to the Games, the volume of data is huge and the shelf life of data is very small. At the busiest day during the Games, there are multiple sports going on simultaneously, each of them having a multitude of athletes competing, generating and compiling a lot of unique and complex data: athlete info and bios, historic info, real time point results and real time final results. It requires we bring the data to life from start to finish to billions of fans worldwide via broadcasters, the web, news agencies, and more. Within 0.5 seconds!

Data is becoming “the new resource to boost the economy, as finance was in the previous century”
Thierry Breton, Atos CEO

more competition data, totalling 1.5 million messages 2008- 2012

Due to the digital era each successive Games are becoming more connected; generating more complex and unique data. For example, between the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games there was 80% more competition data, almost 50% more stories published each day by the Olympic News and 30% more hits on INFO2008 averaging around 1.2m.

These huge volumes of data offer a great opportunity to the IOC. To capture and understand trends and behavior, and to use this actionable intelligence to benefit athletes, journalists, visitors, viewers, and online content users with predictive and personalized services.

For organizations the opportunities are the same, harnessing the power of the next-generation data analytics such as Atos Codex Analytics to better serve and understand customers, develop streamline operational excellence, reinvent business models, and foster trust and compliance.

Business Reinvention

30 August 2016

Reducing the Olympic Carbon Footprint through Cloud

In the high-profile drive to reduce the environmental impact of the Olympic Games, “greener” IT has a major part to play and Cloud technologies are at the heart of it. Cloud is coming to the rescue.

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26 August 2016

Human-centred Digital Transformation

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24 August 2016

Exceeding expectation through smarter anticipation

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21 August 2016

Wellbeing and the Olympic Games

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20 August 2016

Sustainability and the Olympic Games

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19 August 2016

Accessibility and the Olympic Games

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18 August 2016

Analytics just got personal

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16 August 2016

It’s all in the data

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5 August 2016

The power of passion: the IT team behind Rio 2016

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22 July 2016

Make record-breaking a mind-set, not an end-game

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14 July 2016

The Olympic Games for the digital age

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