Satellite Testing and Monitoring

Optimizing a satellite’s lifetime value

Satellites are the backbone of the digital age. They make information and live events available around the globe in a matter of seconds. Without them, many aspects and features of converged media – like location-based services – would be impossible to have and maintain.

The stakes are very high, however, for satellite manufacturers, carriers, and network operators. Every stage of a satellite’s life is extremely risky, and when something fails, the economic consequences are significant.

That’s why we help your satellites to perform at full capacity during their entire mission to ensure that your investment is always safe. No matter if you are a satellite manufacturer who needs to check all electrical systems to be sure they are fully functional before the satellite is launched, or if you are a satellite operator who has to avoid signal interferences at all costs – we provide proven and reliable satellite testing and monitoring solutions that give you the peace of mind t hat you will be able to fulfill all your contractual obligations.


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