Fully integrated VSAT monitoring and geolocation solution

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The challenge

The satellite industry is extremely successful in providing internet connectivity in areas where terrestrial communication infrastructure is too weak or even not available at all. New mega constellations such as OneWeb and LeoSat will cover the whole world with internet connectivity, including the polar regions. The number of users will grow along with the number of satellites in orbit, as VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) technology is an affordable, effective alternative to terrestrial communication for remote internet anywhere in the world. However, satellite interference caused by poorly installed VSAT stations already account for 40% of all interference cases – a very serious issue.

The solution

SkyMon VSAT is a comprehensive solution to combat interferences originating from VSAT networks. SkyMon VSAT classifies the VSAT network, then monitors and identifies crosspol and adjacent satellite interference for each active terminal. After the identification of a given terminal causing interference, SkyMon ILS can be used to determine its geographical position on a map.

The SkyMon VSAT supports DVB-RCS(2), iDirect, Hughes IPOS and other technologies which can be ordered on demand.

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