SkyMon Satellite Geolocation (ILS)

Setting the benchmark for satellite interference geolocation

With the increase in satellite communication around the world, satellite operators and service providers are more and more challenged by interference issues on their satellites. Interference that impairs signal quality and availability is a direct threat to their business models and renevue – and may even be a cause for penalty payments, if they cannot provide the service quality guaranteed in the service level agreements they signed with their customers. Therefore, satellite operators and service providers spend a significant amount of time and money on attempts to localize sources of interference.

Interference Localization System (ILS): Faster and more accurate

Wherever interference issues in satellite communications occur, SkyMon ILS is the swift solution for detection and geolocalization. Integrated into SkyMon, the system offers high-performance tools for a comprehensive analysis of the interfering signal and its origin. With SkyMon ILS, you can take quick action to restore signal quality to the levels your customers have come to expect from you, saving both time and money and strengthening your excellent reputation.

Your benefits at a glance – SkyMon ILS is:

  • an integrated interference detection system
  • a fully-fledged geolocalization system
  • easy to operate even for unexperienced operators
  • offers superb geolocalization accuracy that is much faster than standard geolocalization systems
  • requires no specialist knowledge

Fully integrated carrier monitoring and geolocation system

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