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HR à la SAP SuccessFactors

2 Sisters Food Group serves up healthy growth with a more engaged, effective workforce

At a glance

2 Sisters adopted a suite of SAP SuccessFactors modules to aid in the development of a central HR platform to manage its shared practices and policies for all of its employees.


  • Reduced manual workloads
  • Greater and timely insight into productivity
  • Access to real-time information
  • Centralized talent management capability
  • Efficient working practices across the group

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“Our Atos partnership enabled our vision for a suite-wide SuccessFactors HR solution. With best-practice guidance, we consolidated and streamlined our data and processes onto one platform and created a single view of our workforce with a strategic HR function.”

Steve Bennett
IT Operations Director, 2 Sisters Food Group

2 Sisters Food Group is one of the leading food manufacturers in Europe, with more than 23,000 employees spread across the UK, Netherlands and Poland. It is committed to delivering the highest quality products — from poultry to pizza to pies, from ready meals to ranges of soup — to its retail and food service customers.

Getting it together

Human resources today do more than just process paperwork. They operate as strategic partners, assisting managers in aligning employees with organizational objectives. However, these resources won’t be able to work effectively if functions such as payroll, talent management and people analytics are carried out using siloed applications. A central, cloud-based HR platform is necessary to improve people management and reduce administrative complexity.

Building common ground

2 Sisters worked with Atos to build a core HR platform that integrates several SAP SuccessFactors modules and provides common processes based on best practices for the entire group to adopt. The following processes were enabled to support the group’s 23,000 employees across 35 sites:

  • Learning Management System
  • Succession & Development
  • Performance & Goals Management
  • Employee Central
  • Compensation Management

The platform enables the company to quickly gain critical indicators to support business decisions and obtain a consolidated, unified view of the workforce and skills throughout the organization.

HR delivery transformed


Moving 23,000 people onto the new HR system has had deep and lasting benefits.

Employees gained access to more than 700 courses on the SAP SuccessFactors learning solution. This, plus regular performance feedback with much-needed clarity on goals and expectations, has greatly improved employee engagement and development. And automating the compensation process has helped 2 Sisters promote a culture of recognition.

The new system also serves as a scalable platform for executives to handle new acquisitions without significantly increasing the workload of the HR department or disrupting business as usual. In fact, it reduced the time required to integrate acquisitions from years to weeks.

For the 2 Sisters HR team, consolidating the disparate and inconsistent HR platforms decreased manual workloads overall. The new system enabled quicker reporting of consolidated data. It’s saved countless hours on headcount reporting — plus, it provides expanded and more timely insight into productivity and efficiency across the group.

Additionally, it has enabled a much simpler process for identifying emerging talent and potential internal successors for key positions — ensuring that 2 Sisters has the right talent in the right places to continue on its path to growth.

Why Atos

For more than 35 years, Atos and SAP have partnered to create tailored solutions that deliver tangible, sustainable business results for our clients. Atos is a global SAP Platinum Partner, with certified SuccessFactors consultants who combine technical expertise with real-life HR experience to help you transform HR into a strategic function.

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