George Weston Foods

Pricing for profit

Industry: Manufacturing
Region: Australia and New Zealand

“The introduction of the Don Pricing Portal by Atos has significantly reduced our operating costs. The pricing portal has allowed GWF to reduce application process times from 6 hours to 5 minutes daily, improving functionality and allowing the team to deliver value back to the business,”

Wendy Veal,
Commercial Pricing Support Team Leader.

Atos introduces the Don Pricing Platform to ensure George Weston Foods reduces process time and increases profit margins.


George Weston Foods (GWF) is one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest food manufacturers, employing over 6,000 people across 40 sites and ranging diverse and leading brands such as Tip Top, Sunblest, Abbotts Village Bakery, Burgen, Golden, DON, KR Castlemaine, Yumi’s as well as MAURI and Jasol. Since 2017, GWF has had a well-grounded relationship with Atos leading to the implementation of Atos’ modern Cloud-Based Solutions.

The challenge


The goal was for George Weston Foods to replace their legacy applications with a modern cloud-based solution. Here, Atos introduced OutSystems, a low-code platform which provides the tools for companies to develop, deploy and manage omnichannel enterprise applications. After numerous internal meetings were held with stakeholders to come up with a definitive list of requirements, Atos was to actualize their needs from requirement to solution. Atos assisted GWF in bringing together a proposed schedule and draft project plan with regular reporting in a consultative and iterative process throughout the development of the applications. Another hurdle to overcome was Systems Activations Products (SAP) integration, as GWF wanted to eliminate manual processing and have data automatically uploaded to SAP.

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The solution


Atos introduced the Don Pricing application, which allows pricing deals to be captured and authorized for the Don division within GWF. This solution allowed the Don sales team to raise a Price Discount Request (PDR) or Temporary Price Reduction (TPR). Based upon the dollar value of the deal, a PDR/TPR could then be routed to several Sales Managers for approval. The deal price breaks are configurable within the flexible Workflow engine, as too are the managers who sign off a PDR/TPR. When a PDR/TPR is submitted for approval, the first manager in the workflow is sent an email notification. Managers who access the Don Pricing application are presented with a list containing all the deals with them for approval. The approval process is device/mobile friendly. Once a transaction is approved, it is either routed to the next approval manager in the workflow or marked as fully signed off. Upon final approval, the deal is automatically passed, allowing for it to be loaded into SAP.

Business benefit


By eliminating the manual processes, Atos was able to assist with greater flexibility for George Weston Foods, which was made possible through the ease of the ‘bring your own devices’ (BYOD) application. The seamless cross integration between the application and SAP is hugely advantageous as it allows the customer to access the application on multiple devices such as PC, tablet and smartphone. The partnership between Atos and Outsystems made for a concise delivery time. The OutSystems SAP connector gave both Atos and George Weston Foods the capability without having to write code manually. It sped up development and solved a problem which, through traditional coding, would have been far more difficult delivering a solution to the end-user in a much smaller time frame. Upon final approval, the deal is automatically passed and loaded into SAP. Thus, making allowance for a remote place of work and increased mobility for George Weston Foods and it’s employees.

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