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When it comes to demonstrating agility at a team level, nothing quite matches the women’s rhythmic gymnastics.  Alongside agility, strength and endurance complete the trinity of components vital for success in the rhythmic gymnastics, which combines elements of ballet, gymnastics and dance with apparatus handling (clubs, hoops, balls, ribbons) across jumps, pivots and balances.  For spectators, it’s one of the most aesthetically beautiful sports to watch.

Agility means you’re able to react with speed – which in turn means you’re more innovative and competitive.  In the digital world, nothing meets the business need for agility like Cloud.  We’re creating real agility through the ability to scale up and down using an on-demand service – and it’s no longer a hype, but a business reality.

For the Rio 2016 Olympic Games it is moving faster than ever before. Atos will be delivering some core systems over the cloud – in partnership with other technology partners.

And moving further forward beyond Rio we are building a cloud-based IT backbone for the Games which is scalable for every future Olympics. This continues the paradigm shift for Olympic IT: a one-time build to replace a ‘build each time’ model.

Another core reason for the Olympic Games to embrace the Cloud is the immense challenge of managing the enormous variation in data peaks and flexibility in IT infrastructure that occur in the run-up to the Games and – especially – at the event itself.  This variation makes the Olympic Games a perfect fit for Cloud, but with the added challenge of the most demanding operational and security risks.  The scale and intensity of Olympic Games IT operations make a dedicated, agile cloud essential.

We’re driving new and future-proof delivery models for IT infrastructure for global leaders worldwide, to accelerate business innovation and competitive success.  In the same way that we ensure agility for the Olympic Games IT, we can help you on to achieve operational excellence through Cloud agility. Download our Cloud white paper.

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