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Wee Yeh from China says

“My breakthrough moment is when different teams come together to work hard for one purpose.”


Wee Yeh based in China is responsible for the Global Siemens Account in APAC and IMEA.

“I’ve been with Atos for 10 years and proud to say that I recently received my 10 years service award.” Says Wee Yeh.

“My proudest moments were the successes of the Major Events team in the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympics and the South East Asian Games in Singapore, 2015. Although I didn’t participate in them directly, I can remember the feeling of intense enthusiasm coming from the project teams during those games.”

“The successful integration of Siemens IT Services in 2011, followed by the Bull integration in 2014, then Xerox ITO in 215 and more recently Unify for me were real breakthrough moments. These integrations demontrated the great willingness of different teams to come together and be committed for one purpose.”

“During the games, I’m most looking forward to seeing the basketball, handball and volleyball as these are the sports which I think amplify the most team spirit.”

“What we do for the Olympic Games says so much about Atos, it’s the most excellent way to show our capabilities and I hope to be part of it very soon.”

Let’s all thank Wee Yeh for taking the time to share his great story.

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