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Marjolein Dreef says

“It will be a breakthrough moment when I create solidarity amongst friends and colleagues here in Atos”


Marjolein Dreef is a Country Facility Manager in the Netherlands and has been with Atos since 2004.

Marjolein’s proudest moment came on Monday 2nd November 2015, when many curious colleagues in the Netherlands finally entered into the new headquarters of the Amstelveen office.

“I remember it so clearly.” Says Marjolein. “As we walked in and looked around the magnificent Atrium area we were so impressed. Its architecture, the comfortable work areas, fresh colors and all the working facilities made us feel so proud and happy. It’s great that the management in BTN agreed to implement this new workspace concept which is consistent with activity based working.”

“The sports I like to take part in are body combat and running. I also like watching football. During Rio 2016 I’m most looking forward to the Athletics, as it is a sport that was originally linked closely with the classical Greek Olympics. Athletics has been called “the mother of all sports” because it includes the basic human movements like running, jumping and throwing.”

Marjolein sums up her breakthrough moment by saying; “During the games I’m going to create solidarity by being amongst friends and colleagues and watch the Games together.”

“What we do for the Olympic Games says so much about Atos, it’s a great way to show the world our capabilities. I hope every Atos employee will feel as proud as I do, especially as we have been involved in it for so many years.”

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