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Dorien Wamelink says

“My breakthrough moment will be during the men’s 100m final when billions of fans will watch in real-time on any device from anywhere in the world, the fastest man in the world!”


Dorien Wamelink originally from the Netherlands is Deputy Chief Marketing Officer based on our Bezons office. Dorien has been with Atos for 15 years.

“The proudest moment for me in Atos was completing my first Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.” Says Dorien. “And if you ask me to share another breakthrough moment, well, it was definitely supporting the great Atos MEV team to win the new IOC contract until 2024 in an open tender. We came up against some tough competition to secure the Worldwide IT Partner status until 2020, we achieved this through a different marketing approach and business model.”

When we asked Dorien what breakthrough moment will she achieve during the Olympic Games, she told us… “Imagine… It is the evening of Sunday 14th August 2016; Usain Bolt is hopefully in the starting blocks for the 100m final, it’s THE event of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, everyone has been waiting for this moment. The 60,000 spectators in the Olympic Stadium are live at the race and gasp in anticipation of a spectacular new Olympic and world record. Over 30,000 commentators and journalists look at their information screens from their studios in Rio, or as far abroad as Tokyo. And around the globe, billions of fans are watching in real-time on any device and share their experience of seeing the fastest man in the world, ever!”

“For me, that is the breakthrough moment for these Games in Rio: it is the perfect example of what we (yes we!) at Atos as Worldwide IT Partner fror the Olympic & Paralympic Games altogether are capable of. It’s a clear display of human achievement, only supported and powered by our different technologies and solutions. I am thrilled to support the program and initiative around these Games to have many of my colleagues (over 100,000!) and many of our clients take part in these Olympics – one way or the other! We cannot take everyone to the Games but we can bring the Games now to everyone!”

“As a former tennis professional I’m still into tennis. But beyond this, sports in general is just fantastic. To see the passion, to see the athletes having their own inner fights and overcoming barriers and winning their own personal challenges, that’s truly awesome.”

“During the Olympics there’s a few games I have on my wish list” Says Dorien. “I will be watching every day! Especially the 100 meters men’s just to see the fastest man ever; then the women’s beach volleyball because of the impressive backdrop of Copacabana beach; also several tennis matches, just because it is tennis; the rugby Sevens since it is a new sport in the Olympics; the Hockey finals which I saw during London 2012 for the first time live, it really is a ‘grown up’ sport with super precision, speed, technique and team spirit. Then finally… swimming, for which I expect the Netherlands to gain a few medals!”

When we asked Dorien what she thinks about our work for the Olympic Games, she told us;

“We are a company with a unique combination of people, skills, capabilities and technologies. It makes us the proud Worldwide IT Partner and an example organization to inspire our employees and others.”

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