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13 September 2017

Evolving Workplaces for Evolving Workforces

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12 September 2017

Digital Workplaces – a transformed approach to the way we work

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11 September 2017

Industrial revolution of the media

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4 September 2017

IT in Media: in and out of the spotlight

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1 June 2017

The rise of Conversational Intelligent Platforms and the new Digital Journey as an Experience

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3 May 2017

Knowledge is power…but only if you use it properly

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Atos ascent 1,000 banks vanish
29 March 2017

1,000 banks vanish

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9 March 2017

Advanced drones, smart robots, connected vehicles, 5G and new user interfaces… My key takeaways from MWC 2017

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23 August 2017

Revolution and evolution: where businesses start their analytics journey

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10 August 2017

The convergence of High Performance Computing and Big Data

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3 August 2017

How do you get started with Big Data and Analytics

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26 July 2017

How to make the most of the platform revolution

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6 July 2017

Safeguarding citizen services: a new vision of cybersecurity

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4 July 2017

Securing the post quantum world with a ‘shared key’

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3 July 2017

Addressing the new cyber security landscape

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3 July 2017

Atos Technology Days: Tackling the threats to public safety

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