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A good partner supports your IT, A top partner generates value for your business.

How can standard software be tailored to the specific requirements of my company?

What if I need multiple operating systems?

Who makes Cloud Computing usable?

Why is business use more critical than technical?

A strong partnership for tangible business benefits

A strong partnership for tangible business benefits

Atos and Microsoft have been partners for more than 20 years and are helping their joint customers to take advantage of world-class software based on the most successful standard of IT history: Windows. By integrating these products into mature and well-integrated solutions, we help your business achieve business benefits.

Currently, Microsoft is becoming a leading provider of cloud-based services, but many customers still have security concerns with cloud computing. At this point, we are on the agenda.

Concerns about Cloud Computing?

In fact, cloud computing is nothing new for us. We were actively working in the Cloud business for a long time before the term “Cloud” became a common topic. Based on our extensive experience with managed services, outsourcing and offshoring, we are ideally equipped to set up decentralized systems and solutions that are not only safe but also faster and cheaper than previous alternatives.

We know what the customer wants – and also what he does not want: concerns about data integrity, availability and compliance. As business technologists, we know that technology is a means to an end, namely more efficient business processes. Cloud computing is a promising way to achieve this goal.

How does business benefit from partnership with a system integrator?

There is no solution for all cases. But by making Microsoft software an integral part of a cleanly designed total solution, we can translate the business potential of the most advanced software technologies into new values.

Together with Microsoft, we focus on the key areas: Content, Collaboration, Desktop Services, Unified Communication. These solutions can be realized on site or built on the cloud. What is crucial is that you can be confident that your solution is proven and hand-made.

Atos as CSP Direct Partner

Want to bring your IT services to the Microsoft Cloud? As a CSP (Cloud Solution Provider), DirectPartner is now able to offer you all Microsoft Cloud products and services, from Office 365 to Azure, right from the outset. Of course, we are also at your disposal with our proven know-how and extensive expertise.
In addition to Basic Cloud Services, we offer end-to-end integrated services:

Cloud Management Services for security and compliance monitoring
Integration of private cloud solutions and management of e.g. Disaster recovery or backup

Awareness and Enablement Workshops, Cloud Business Cases, Roadmap and Change Management

More than software

  • How can I increase the productivity of my employees while maintaining control of my IT environment?
  • Which cloud solution fits my company?
  • How can I achieve more flexibility at the lowest possible cost?

We will be pleased to help you answer these questions!

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