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Industry 4.0 means a fundamental change in the economic system, bringing with it a change in the business processes and business models of industrial companies. Finding the right approaches and rapidly turning them into concrete results is a key factor to success here. For this purpose, Atos opened the Competence Centre for Industry 4.0 in Aspern, Vienna in October 2016 – the only centre of its kind in the world. We show companies the most practicable way to implement Industry 4.0 projects, with workshops, training sessions, proofs of concept and demonstrations of existing solutions. Built on an area of more than 400 m², the Competence Centre is also open to Austrian businesses as a laboratory for testing innovations and as a demonstration site for the production of tomorrow. Atos offers industrial companies a structured approach, from rapid implementation of applications and services for initial results through to operational Industry 4.0 solutions.

Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) also opened Austria’s first Industry 4.0 pilot factory at this site in late 2015. As a partner, Atos is responsible for implementing the “Digital Factory” reference software solution. The Competence Centre is directly linked to the pilot factory, and consists of a team of top consultants for Industry 4.0 solutions and software developers. In addition, Atos also offers training sessions on the topics of production processes, manufacturing technology, sensors, mechatronics and robotics in collaboration with partners.

Your path in digitalization

  • Innovation Workshop (first insights into the topic, current topics related to Industry 4.0, case studies)
  • Discovery Workshop (how can you implement Industry 4.0 in your company, what can be started now and put into operation quickly? Focus on quick wins)
  • Discovery Workshop (how can you implement Industry 4.0 in your company, what can be started now and put into operation quickly? Focus on quick wins)
  • Optional additional workshops: Security, I4.0 Hardware, Data Lake from Product Lifecycle Management, SAP HANA (supporting Industry 4.0, broadening the available offering)
  • Proof of concept and business case (practical test, “can I implement my plan?”, business case – costs, duration, benefits, ROI, etc.)
  • Implementation and rollout (partners, programmes for implementation) (project management, services, IT integration)
  • Objective (vision for digital UN, first step towards Industry 4.0 complete, successful integration of developed solutions)

Technologies we master

SAP Hana



Atos Codex

Customer Innovation Workshop

Ongoing digitalisation, new technologies and increasingly short innovation cycles do not just create a wide range of opportunities, but also pose major challenges for companies: Where and how to begin, and what is the right solution/strategy for my company? Our answer: You need a reliable, sustainable roadmap to get your company into shape for Industry 4.0.
The digital transformation of your production begins with a Customer Innovation Workshop. As a first step, you will learn what Industry 4.0 actually means and what opportunities it can open up for you. Here you will learn all about intelligent, connected cyber-physical systems; machine-to-machine communication; communication between machines, components, processes, products and humans; and new service-based business models. Data plays an increasingly important role here, both for the optimisation of internal company processes and for new, service-based business models. Find out how you can gain business insights from data using advanced analytics. Let our Innovation Workshop inspire you with exciting presentations by our top experts combined with hands-on demonstrations of model solutions. We look forward to spending an exciting and fruitful day with you at the international Atos Competence Centre for Industry 4.0 in Vienna.

Discovery Workshop

The focus of our Discovery Workshop is our Industry 4.0 solutions catalogue, enriched with ideas that were development as a joint effort. Together, we can use best practices, real solutions, new concepts, existing innovation projects and our structured approach to generate the best ideas for your company. Get a picture, step by step, of how Industry 4.0 can be successfully rolled out in your company.
Following the four steps listed below, we will work with you to evaluate the priority and feasibility of various concrete solution ideas for your company:

  • Process domain: What processes (PLM, supply chain, manufacturing and clients) will be affected?
  • Connectivity domain: Here, we specify which units (companies, people, things and applications) will need to be connected with each other.
  • Design principles: Concepts such as decentralisation and virtualisation.
  • Technology enablers: What disruptive technologies (data analytics and cyber-physical systems) are pushing the boundaries of existing business models?

Digitalization Roadmap

Since the beginning of 2020, Atos and our partners have conducted interviews with over 50 companies in Europe and analysed the results of more than 20 open call projects. This enabled us to establish a deep understanding of which digitalization technologies are being used, and what gaps often exist in practice when compared with the art of the possible.
Using this foundation, Atos can help you create a digitalization roadmap no matter what your current maturity and no matter where you are in the manufacturing ecosystem. Our experts help you with both brownfield and greenfield approaches, and have a clear methodology to compare your current activities with the results of our analysis.
The initial activities, sponsored by EIT Manufacturing, had a strong focus on SMEs in multiple countries, and we continue to expand and explore across sub-industries and geographies to remain up to date and give you the help you need to improve your digitalization roadmap.


As part of our partnership with Siemens, our Centre of Competence is developing a range of ready-to-use Industry 4.0 applications for manufacturing companies that are essential to their digitalisation strategies. These applications are being developed using the Siemens MindSphere platform, which was designed as an open, cloud-based ecosystem and allows industrial facilities to increase their productivity by gathering and analysing large quantities of production data. We have already developed more than 60 applications. These include Energy Monitoring, Mobile Worker, Connected Worker, Mobile Plant Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance and Augmented Service Technician.

In the one-day Validation Workshop, we compile in-depth information about the solution ideas developed in the Discovery Workshop, laying the foundations for feasibility studies (prototyping) and business case creation.

Manufacturing Data Spaces Project

The Manufacturing Data Spaces project, co-funded by EIT-Manufacturing explored the exploitation of data from Industry 4.0, in accordance with the latest European technical and regulatory initiatives and requirements. Our goal was to create a small, tactical project to show short, goal directed data space projects are possible and with already existing technology – which means in reach of both large companies and SMEs. We did this by doing two things:

  • Create a “Minimum Viable Product” data space platform capability using whenever possible available open source components
  • Implement a demo Scope 3 Emissions decarbonization application which provides both application functionality itself, but also drives the priorities of which platform requirements to implement.

The platform uses two primary open source capabilities to enable data exchange – FIWARE and IDSA connectors. It runs on a hyperscaler cloud infrastructure, but the technology and architecture allow to also be run on on-premise computers.

The Scope 3 Decarbonization demo application supports the GHG Protocol standard definitions and supports all 15 upstream and downstream categories. It is able to gather and exchange decarbonization information between business partners, and using OpenAPI methods is able to support multiple frontends.

If you are interested in more details from this project, please contact us. Additionally, detailed learning and training information has been created and is available on the Skills.move learning platform of EIT Manufacturing.

Proof of concept & business case

The technical feasibility of the solution ideas is confirmed in a prototype implementation project. The cost-effectiveness and business value (business case) of the chosen prototype are also evaluated, in order to validate the business case created at an earlier stage.


Implemenation and Roll out

We produce a finished prototype for the selected ideas in just six to eight weeks. Focusing on the essentials in a highly dynamic, agile development process, we develop the prototype to the exact extent required to confirm the technical feasibility of the solution and its value to you. In this process, we respond very flexibly to adaptation requirements and change requests, ensuring that you gain the exact level of insight that you need. Our analysis is based on two key aspects:

  • We use a specific business case to evaluate the added value you will gain from the selected application.
  • We assess the technical feasibility and desired requirements of the solution.

Ready-to-use apps can be downloaded quickly and easily from the Atos MindSphere app store. We follow key design criteria when developing new apps and use cases:

  • Our modular approach allows us to adapt all aspects perfectly to your business.
  • We focus on user-friendliness and the user experience.
  • The apps can be used alone, in combination or integrated into your environment.

We always pay special attention to the added value that a particular application can bring to your existing or new business processes.

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