Cooperation of Atos with Mzuri and Google

Atos is once again establishing cooperation, which in the long term will have positive effects for all inhabitants of our planet. The letter of intent signed at the end of August will allow for the construction of an ambitious project dedicated to the agricultural industry.

Mzuri is an innovative company offering the most advanced aggregates for sowing many types of plants in over 40 countries on 4 continents. Mzuri owns the Mzuri Pro Till technology and is a world leader in strip farming research. Thanks to the Mzuri Pro Till Technology, it enables precise sowing, reducing labor inputs and increasing yield. In addition – as confirmed by many years of research – cultivation with the use of strip sowing technology significantly reduces CO2 emissions from farmlands and reduces the use of water for the purposes of crops.

As the largest provider of security services in the world, Atos excels in digital transformation, cloud and high-performance computing. Is also a pioneer in services and products related to decarbonisation. Atos is a technology partner that will develop a logging platform a series of strip crop parameters (i.e. in Mzuri technology) to optimize both the cultivation itself as well as document and optimize the reduction of CO2 emissions.

A third partner, Google, creates hundreds of products and services used by billions of people around the world – from YouTube and Android to Gmail and of course Google Services search engine public and private clouds. Google will provide the most advanced technologies in the field of Cloud, AI and GIS technologies.

For all 3 companies, the project is a tangible proof of the implementation of the sustainable development policy. We are looking forward to the effects of this cooperation.

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