TETRA LTE for Public Safety, Transportation and Energy

Mission critical broadband PMR solutions

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Technological evolution is visible in all areas of our daily lives. Communication technologies are no exception. Legacy analog wires have already been replaced by digital trunked approaches. The next step is utilization of broadband IP networks, where additional layers providing widely-used PMR functionalities, such as group calls, dynamic assignment of resources, conferencing and others, are implemented. These features are highly sought-after for mission critical applications in the Public Safety and Security, Transportation and Energy industries.

A voice-over-LTE solution enhanced with PMR supplementary services aims to provide all features necessary for reliable and effective communication. In addition, it provides new possibilities for broadband data transfers and applications such as video transmission. The unified multi-network dispatching solution allows access to all voice, data and supplementary services and integrates them, together with the legacy systems, into a common platform.

The introduction of new technologies in the field has to be reflected in the capabilities of command centers. Operators are looking for tools that allow seamless control of resources connected through LTE backbones, using PMR-style communication.

The Atos multi-network dispatching system supports connectivity to various PMR networks, ranging from legacy analog networks to upcoming state-of-the-art data technologies. It provides access to comprehensive data and voice functionalities necessary for effective communication between field and commanding personnel. Integrating command centers with VoLTE ensures seamless extension of everyday operational procedures, regardless of the underlying communication technology, and supports a wide range of call scenarios.

Multi-network dispatching

Our unified communication platform is based on the latest voice and mobile broadband standards and provides technologies and applications for public safety, disaster response and law enforcement.

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Multi-network dispatching and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)

Our dispatching system ensures efficient and effective coordination of resources in the field your activities, and minimizes the response time of your staff considerably. AVL offers precise and reliable location tracking of vehicles and mobile users with on-the-map interactivity.

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