A better experience for passengers and operators

Transportation today not only needs to be safe, it has to be efficiently manageable and effective in terms of resource utilization as well. Railway operators will master these challenges with seamless, customizable command control communication as well as GSM-R dispatching solutions while transportation authorities will want to take a closer look at recording and interception products. In addition, provisioning and service activation covers the interconnection of network elements with BSS/OSS layers and the smooth migration towards next generation infrastructure.

Railway Operations

Fully integrated communication solutions

Atos offers telecommunications solutions for various applications used by railway operators. With our command and control solution we are contributing to safety improvement and increase operational efficiency with our operations and maintenance support systems.

We do not just deliver single components but fully integrated end-to-end solutions, making it easy for railway operators to focus on their core businesses and competences.

Command, Control, Communication

Efficient operations for safe journeys

Our command control communication (C3) solution enables the staff of command and control centers to communicate with and manage all the stakeholders involved in railway operations.

We not only enable voice communication over different network technologies but also provide applications which enable the management of railway-specific scenarios. This leads to more efficient operations and safer journeys.

Perfect safety and efficient operations

A modern control center has to make the dispatching process as efficient as possible, give the operator intuitive access to all the necessary information and functionalities and, at the same time, be easy to operate. This is what we achieve with our C3 platform by combining manually triggered actions by operators and comprehensive background automatism, reflecting situations in the field in real time. Furthermore, our platform integrates various common communication technologies with unified application front ends. The system features a single seamless interface to all communication systems.

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