High-level performance and safe operations

Personnel safety and reliable operation are two of the most important factors in the energy business. Monitor your critical infrastructures and benefit from the one-stop utility, communications and IT solution to operate, maintain and expand on- and off-shore platforms for oil, gas and wind energy production. Avoid non-compliance penalties and ineffective processes. Profit from the right toolset and facilitate reliable production and operation of your critical assets. Reduce human, economical and ecological risks while increasing revenue.

Wind Power


Critical Communication and tracking for off-shore wind farms

Operators of critical infrastructure are facing key challenges in managing their assets with the highest level of security, reliability and effectiveness. In the harsh and unforgiving environment of offshore wind parks, the seamless interaction of staff and systems are imperative for safe and efficient operations.

Atos’ solutions contribute to an efficient construction and operation of wind farms as well as safeguarding working personnel.

The professional mobile communication systems include a feature-rich and comprehensive range of field proven solutions, including TETRA networks with indoor coverage of turbines and OSS, terminals for field staff and vessels, VHF radio communication systems for marine and air traffic, and telephone systems integrated via Atos’ market leading dispatching solutions. Tracking solutions include line of sight systems, marine and air traffic positioning systems and pilot controlled lighting systems.

Secured communication for offshore wind farms

Tetra for critical infrastructure

Oil & Gas


Continuous communication and flawless performance

There is probably no industry in the world where flawless and reliable performance is as important as in the oil & gas industry. A large part of the economy is directly dependent on it, and if delivery contracts are not fulfilled, contract penalties for oil & gas companies are severe.

As a consequence, oil and gas facilities have to efficiently manage assets and services in order to keep them operating reliably and economically throughout their entire lifecycles. The Atos solutions for this industry ensure continuous communication and flawless performance.

TETRA for Critical Infrastructures sets up a reliable, secure and streamlined communication network in even the most extreme locations, while the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for oil and gas manages and maintains assets and services in order to keep them operating reliably and economically throughout their entire lifecycles.

CMMS for Oil & Gas

siriOSS iNMs for Oil & Gas

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