Decarbonization for Energy & Utilities

Achieving net-zero in energy & utilities

Energy & utility companies can lead in the pursuit of decarbonization. Although they are currently responsible for over 70% of carbon emissions, they must become our sustainability champions.

This goal is achievable if these companies strive for maximum decarbonization across every aspect of their businesses. The key lies in recognizing the importance of timely and data-driven behavior in operations, business partnerships and most importantly, customer relations. Management excellence and innovation in local renewables are critical, and so too is the drive to educate and empower residential, commercial, industrial and public sector clients.

Atos helps energy & utility companies pursue innovation and practical sustainability at every level by:

Minimizing travel for field staff by implementing smart planning and remote management.

Optimizing offshore wind farm performance, using AI and digital twins.

Managing smart-metering initiatives for responsible consumption in homes and workplaces.

We also help our clients build meaningful and productive sustainability partnerships in areas like smart cities, e-vehicle infrastructure and intelligent building management.

Accelerating decarbonization
across energy & utilities

Across today’s smarter greener energy ecosystem, energy & utility companies are in a unique position to champion major advances in decarbonization. Discover how digital technologies can be used to achieve step changes in efficiency and performance and accelerate the journey to net-zero.

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Atos decarbonization services for energy & utilities

Atos examines the environmental and sustainability implications of every business technology proposal we make to our energy & utility clients. We have developed four highly-specialized services to help our clients address their carbon net-zero ambitions directly.

Net-zero: assessment and strategy

Specialists from our energy industry and sustainability consulting teams conduct a series of high-participation workshops to analyze current climate impact across all client activities to establish a baseline against which you will track your progress. Analysis delivers intelligent and achievable targets for your pathway to net-zero.

Net-zero: operation and execution

Our experts work with your own process and operational teams to design and implement specific programs enabling more carbon-friendly operations. These may include but aren’t limited to smart mobility, digital twin asset modeling for predictive maintenance, AI-powered strategies for load-balancing, as well as emerging storage solutions.

Net-zero: carbon neutral IT

The way in which energy & utility companies use and manage IT is an area of critical decarbonization focus. As an independently acknowledged market leader in this field, we help you minimize the environmental impact of IT through options such as sustainable hybrid cloud, IoT and edge computing, and new workplace solutions.

Net-zero: carbon offsetting services

Specialists from our energy industry and sustainability consulting teams offer our energy & utility clients a fully managed carbon offsetting service. We will accurately calculate all residual carbon emissions, and then manage the day-to-day processes for offsetting.

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Decarbonization Level Agreements

With Atos Decarbonization Level Agreements (DLAs), we contractually commit to reducing emissions from the infrastructure and services that we provide to you. Every year a third party will conduct an audit to ensure that we fulfil our obligation. If we do not reduce CO2, we will compensate for the residual emissions on your behalf.

Customer story

Scottish Water targets net-zero by 2040

Scottish Water have set themselves an ambitious challenge to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040, in line with the Scottish Government’s broader goals for the country.

Atos helped Scottish Water to develop and validate a roadmap to net-zero by running a one-day StratHack event on the problem statement: ‘How can Scottish Water deliver beyond net-zero by 2040 across its operational and capital activities, and how can it be delivered sooner?’

We brought together a diverse audience of engineers and managers from the workforce, Scottish Water’s digital partners, academic niche vendors and other water companies to explore the challenge and develop innovative solutions. After the StratHack event, we worked with the General Manager for Zero Emissions at Scottish Water to prioritize the key target areas for emissions reduction.

We discovered opportunities to apply AI to existing asset data to provide early-identification of excessive energy consumption and a proactive response. This led to an initial proof of concept where Atos provided a skilled team to deliver the use case on an initial set of pump stations resulting in significant energy efficiency savings.

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Introducing EcoAct

Welcome EcoAct to the Atos family

In October 2020, Atos acquired EcoAct – an international sustainability consultancy and project developer.

Together, we help our energy & utility clients succeed in their climate ambitions by simplifying the challenges and complexities involved, and by delivering sustainable business solutions for a low-carbon world.

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Achieve net-zero with Atos

Atos partners with you on the net-zero journey from setting strategy and science-based targets and measurements to emissions reductions and removals at scale.

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EcoAct examines how some of the largest companies in the world are acting and reporting on climate change. Discover best practices in disclosure and leaders in sustainability.

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Guiding your organization on its journey to net-zero

Climate challenge presents a chance for businesses to lead the way and build reputational and competitive advantages. Learn to guide your business on its journey to net-zero.

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Press release

Atos commits to net-zero by 2028

Atos announced its decarbonization ambition to reach net-zero by 2028. The company commits to reducing the global carbon emissions under its control by 50% by 2025.

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