Public safety and security

Optimized service quality, security and reliability

Operators in the Public Safety & Security sectors are facing the challenge of managing their operational fleets with the highest level of security, reliability, and effectiveness, regardless of the network technology used. To meet these challenges state-of-the-art voice and data communication technologies, based on IP protocols and integrated with common communication platforms, are needed.

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Command, Control, Communications


Optimized services, perfect safety and efficient operations

Atos’ command, control, communications (C3) solution portofio offers all the functions vital for efficient and reliable operations and has a positive impact on safety and productivity.

A modern control center has to make the dispatching process as efficient as possible, give the operator intuitive access to all the necessary information and functionalities and, at the same time, be easy to operate. This is what we achieve with our C3 platform by combining manually triggered actions by operators with comprehensive background automatisms, reflecting situations in the field in real time. Furthermore, our platform integrates various common communication technologies with unified application front ends. The system features a single seamless interface to all communication systems.

Recording and Interception


Meet current security and safety challenges reliably

In global communication data security is key. Atos’ solutions meet current security and safety challenges with reliable management of voice and data communication, lawful interception and data retention. The products provide essential tools for increasing the reliability and security of communication systems.

Our solutions enable a replay of field communication in case of incidents and investigation into situations, as well as fully legal and secure real-time communication interception.

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