Codex AI Suite

The fast track to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: it’s time for implementation

Artificial Intelligence is set to take up position at the heart of contemporary business technology. It becomes central to digital transformation. It is set to become a clear driver of business differentiation.

The introduction of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing is fostering a new generation of applications capable to understand like a human, to develop more and more expertise with a non-stop self-learning capability. These new applications can understand the underlying contexts and provide hypothesis, recommendations and automatically launch operations.

Codex AI Suite is an application toolset. It provides all the tools needed to scope, develop, roll-out and manage AI applications. Codex AI Suite is particularly well-suited to AI applications with strong machine learning and deep learning components.

Codex AI Suite: the fast track to Artificial Intelligence

Atos Codex AI Suite

Atos Codex AI Suite leverages machine learning and deep learning capabilities to enable artificial intelligence on multiple environments.

AI applications understand like human beings, reason and understand the underlying concepts, generate hypothesis and have self-learning capabilities to develop more and more expertise.

Codex AI Suite is a fast track to artificial intelligence:
Easy and rapid application production: developing AI applications is complex, time consuming and requires multiple steps in model training. Data scientists are spending too much time assembling the necessary elements before focusing business.

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Atos Codex AI Suite – Main Benefits

  • Fast time-to-market and production of any applications, from basic to complex application
  • Designed to enable HPC and AI convergence
  • Applications are infrastructure agnostic

Atos Codex AI Suite in action

Cognitive Data Center

The Cognitive Data Center is an autonomous and intelligent data center. It is based on a real-time weak signal analysis and an effective root cause analysis capable to anticipate potential problems. It is aimed to improve application and infrastructure availability and performance.

The Cognitive Data Center receives data from network, storage, servers, applications, cooling and energy consumption. It analyses in real-time all the events, displays significant graphs with predictions, associated with a confidence rating, about potential outages and the impacted elements on the data center.

Video intelligence

Codex AI Suite leverages computer vision technologies to build a video intelligence application. This application extracts features such as faces, clothes, vehicles, bags, any other items and delivers powerful services such as face recognition, crowd movement tracking, immediate recognition of scenes of violence, identification of abandoned objects, search of people from attributes, identification of car plates for example.

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