Network and Communications

Connect your business to multiple and dispersed public and private cloud services

Digital Connect

Improve performance while increasing awareness and control


Low latency, high bandwidth connections at the cloud edge


Access to a digital ecosystem of cloud and IT service providers

Application awareness:

Automatically reroute access to applications as network conditions change


Use the best connections when needed and lower-cost routes

Connectivity made simple and flexible

When you need to connect your business to multiple cloud services, to a business partner or simply to another campus location, the Atos Digital Connect service provides fast, reliable connectivity.

Our connectivity services vary from high-bandwidth, low-latency connections directly at the cloud edge to software-defined WAN solutions offered with Tier-1 vendors and providers.

Give your end users the same access experience regardless of what resources they need and where these resources are located via Digital Connect’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) service.

Integrated Cloud Edge

We provide high-bandwidth low-latency connection to hyperscalers, customers, WAN providers and partners. Delivered from Atos strategic and cloud-edge data centers, services include flexible bandwidth options, rapid deployment, and service monitoring.

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Software-Defined WAN powered by Verizon

Our Verizon-powered comanaged SD-WAN solution provides:

  • Large-scale rollout to multiple geographies
  • Connectivity to public cloud providers
  • Private gateway deployments in IaaS and PaaS for hybrid cloud environments
  • Advanced security at the campus with integrated firewall and IPS services
  • Advanced monitoring and reporting
  • Application steering and QoS

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Software-Defined WAN powered by Cisco

This SD-WAN solution tightly integrates into security and Cisco management ecosystems, providing:

  • Public cloud onramp/offramp
  • Private gateway deployments in IaaS and PaaS supporting hybrid cloud environments
  • Advanced GUI console with E2E visibility into applications and infrastructure
  • Industrial ruggedized appliance options
  • Optimization of high-latency links

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Software-Defined WAN powered by VeloCloud

This SD-WAN solution integrates tightly into VMware’s tooling and ecosystem, and it is IP-transport agnostic. It features:

  • Optimized routing due to a distributed network of gateways
  • Automated private gateway deployments in IaaS and PaaS for hybrid cloud
  • Mature Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) service
  • Secured internet and SaaS breakouts at the campus

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