TETRA Recorder

Secure and reliable management of voice and data communication

TETRA networks are utilized by organizations that rely on highly-sensitive voice and data transmissions to operate efficiently, such as law enforcement agencies or transportation authorities. For later review or to meet legal requirements, these voice communications, data messages as well as communication and location-based information must be recorded, no matter whether they are encrypted or not.

Atos TETRA Recorder is the reliable and secure system to record and play back encrypted communications from your TETRA network. It does not impair ongoing network performance and offers your operators a great number of tools to analyze and reconstruct complex calls. It also features fully legal and secure real-time communication interception.

The challenge


For recording of TETRA communications the same level of security is required as in TETRA networks, so that large and heterogeneous data volumes can be efficiently warehoused, managed and distributed.

The solution


Atos’ TETRA Recorder (TR) is the only system available on the market that features the end-to-end encryption of TETRA communications during recording and playback, guaranteeing the required level of security and privacy at all times.

Thanks to its modular architecture, TR easily integrates with your digital radio network over secure IP-based network connections. It is highly scalable and extendable to grow as your network grows.

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End-to-end encryption

TETRA Recorder is the only system on the market offering recording and playback for end-to-end encrypted TETRA communications.

Voice and Data Recording

TETRA Recorder connects directly to your voice switching matrix and ensures the permanent capture of real-time voice and data communications from the E1 or IP interface. The recording capacity is easily expandable by adding additional storage media.

Playback client and real-time monitoring

Easy access to recorded communications allows authorized personnel to log, intercept and replay real-time communications as well as access detailed information, such as identities, time stamps and call parameters. User activities can be easily monitored to track any misappropriation of data back to its source.

Public Safety and Security references

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