Epic and SAP HANA for improved healthcare delivery

Major hospital group in Central Europe

At a glance

A major hospital in Central Europe addresses challenges in healthcare delivery with Epic and SAP HANA infrastructure and solutions delivered by Atos.


  • Digitization of hospital operations toward paperless hospital.
  • Single point of contact for cost and efficiency optimization in service delivery.

Hospitals on the way into the digital age

The hospital group ensures that it is well coordinated and digitally networked to provide accessible healthcare with a strong focus on patients, referrers and customers. Its locations offer high quality healthcare for its patients close to home whenever possible, not far from family and relatives. As such, the group requires a digital infrastructure and application ecosystem for operational efficiency. Digital technologies have long since found their way into medical care, and this hospital group takes a pioneering role in the digitalization of operations for a healthcare provider group.

Challenge for management and IT

Healthcare providers rely on digitization to meet the challenges of the age of e-health. The use of the latest technologies is intended to reduce administrative work, simplify cross-departmental processes and promote treatment quality and patient safety. In addition, the predictive analysis of patient data can promote a very efficient and, above all, faster diagnosis of diseases.

Due to the high complexity of processes in hospitals, digitization projects are challenged to map a large number of IT systems and a large number of process variants. The starting position is difficult for many hospitals; with different departments using different systems, inconsistent processes and standalone applications. Often, due to the high level of complexity, those responsible do not know which technologies from which providers to use and how they can personalize them in order to implement digitization in their hospitals. In addition, there are often budget concerns from management. Many hospitals therefore rely on cooperation with external partners.

Toward a paperless hospital

To achieve the goal of paperless hospital, the group created a new foundation for digitization with Atos. They started transforming the organization into a paperless, fully digital and completely integrated healthcare provider using new applications such as Epic and SAP HANA. Because these applications need to be up and running at all times, the hospital group migrated to a converged infrastructure. Now it operates with the highest availability to support the new application landscape, with backup and archiving, for its Epic and SAP workloads.

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