RPA enabled data migration and archiving improves processes at a hospital group

Healthcare provider management organization in Central Europe

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A key healthcare provider management organization in Central Europe helped improve operations at a state healthcare provider with robotic process automation (RPA) solution delivered by Atos.
Patient data for all relevant medical information were migrated from the legacy patient management system to the new system using the technology of UiPath.


Legacy archiving system refreshed with RPA improved operations.

  • New application interface for long-term archival
  • Data migration of two million patient records from legacy to the new application in one year

Continuous digitalization at hospitals

Quality patient care and efficient hospital management are paramount for healthcare providers. These are therefore critical factors for any healthcare provider management organization who provides these services. A local hospital group in Central Europe decided to migrate its legacy hospital information system to a new solution. It was crucial that the medical data from the legacy system was also correctly migrated and archived, where applicable. It was decided to export the data using RPA as it can interact with the old system like a user and can therefore read the data without having users directly accessing the underlying data management system.

RPA enables quality assurance and patient data management

To support the system and data migration for the hospital group, the healthcare provider management organization needed a technology partner to implement the selected hospital information system for its client. The services required assurance of smooth data migration, including data archival, from the legacy to the new system. Atos implemented an RPA, using the automation tool UiPath for the data acquisition, transmission and storage of patient data.

The patient records needed to be transferred within one year. To achieve this, six robots or bots were used simultaneously in the migration process. The robots worked round-the-clock to export all relevant data, and to provide them in the correct format to be processed by the new system. No additional interface was necessary, no data was lost, and no human resources had to be dedicated to this critical and time-consuming task. Atos helped migrate approximately two million patient records in merely one year.

The RPA bot for the data migration is designed to fetch and open the patient documents, create relevant screenshots and thereafter trigger the archival process.

These steps are repeated a thousand times, taking several days to complete and are required to be executed for a minimum of one year.

The solution is designed to mitigate latency attributed to the high volume of documents to be processed. This is enabled by a feature which can scale the number of bots on a need basis.

Atos implemented the bot at a level above the IT infrastructure of the local hospital as it is external to it. This enabled efficiency in data migration without having to change the existing processes in the system.

Toward latency mitigation and further automation

With the implementation of the RPA solution, the legacy system for archiving patient records has been refreshed. The new solution not only improved the hospital operations but also resolved the need for a long-term archival solution as the number of patient records increase in the long run.

Atos helped migrate approximately two million patient records in merely one year.

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